Vacation state of mind

I have been on vacation for almost two weeks.  It's amazing!  I have a to-do list a mile long and it isn't getting any shorter, but it's so nice to know that I have time to get it done...or attempted.  Not having to get up before the sun every day is a very nice feeling. 

School ended 2 weeks ago today.  The next day (Friday) I had to be in as it was our last day.  I ended up making a disaster scene in my classroom, deciding to flip my room around from how it was.  I did it last year, too, but I didn't love it.  My teacher table was by the door/window, which is great, until my kids space out staring out during reading groups or I had to listen to the after school program yelling and screaming outside my room and staring in through the window or throwing balls against the window.  I needed to be farther away from the window, especially after school!  So, I made the swap.  Again.  Luckily my daughter was there to help me move stuff, so it wasn't all me. 
This is where my table used to be.  I moved my mailboxes from a different wall here, along with a bookcase of games.  I will put the round table there and use it as my writing center next year.  The other table is for different centers through the year, too.  I feel like I have a lot of wasted space over there, but not sure what to put there.  Time will tell!  

My mailboxes used to be where the shelf is with the center games.  I thought it'd be easier to reach the bulletin board this way, plus it looked a little cleaner than before.  Ignore the messy bookcase on the left.  Sadly it still looks like that...and I don't care right now!  I'll clean it up come August!  

Here is the view from the window.  I moved my table to the other side.  My calendar area is to the right (on the black walls) and my table will be to the left.  The sink is behind the table as well as the wall that will become my word wall.  I haven't had a word wall in a couple years, and I miss it.  I have had a lot of luck with word walls, but I was talked out of having one by a colleague who didn't believe in them.  Why I went along with it I don't know, but I am doing one again this next year.  I'm not sure how it will look, as I have some ideas in my head.  Time will tell.  

This is a small spot between cabinet and wall.  I have never known what to put there and have always shoved something there.  I had random "prize boxes" throughout my room and these drawers were filled with junk.  I decided to make it useful and put prizes in the drawers and labeled the drawers  Good thing - I had lots of "prizes" to put in the drawers and I was able to get rid of boxes that held prizes.  A few more dollar tree purchases and I will be good to go.  Now just to figure out what will be needed to earn prizes. 
I brought home a couple boxes (OK, 2 and a few bags of stuff) of things to work on.  One is my August box, so I can be fully prepared when school starts.  The other box is full of randomness that needs to be organized, tossed, etc.  I know I need to plan out the new science standards, create my STEM boxes and make a better plan to tackle science, along with making social studies better.   I always plan the year out and make minor tweaks as the year goes on.  I started working on it, but it's more just a blank slate still.  I have time and I like being able to take some time off of work and not think about it.  Too much anyway! 
I have enjoyed my time at home.  We normally go away for some time over summer, but not this year.  Hubby is too busy at work and my daughter has things going on.  I have been able to get some deep cleaning done, as well as some work outside.  The outside work will wait, as it is now above 100* and too hot to do much outside.  I am working on turning the "playroom" back into a study.  I have to get the toys out of there before we can paint and do anything else. It's slow going, as my daughter is having a hard time letting go of things.  We will get there, soon.  I also have been working on cleaning the office and getting it more organized.  That will actually be next week's to do project while my daughter is off to day camp.  I should be able to get a lot done in 3 hours, but you just never know what I will get distracted by! 
Between taking care of my chickens (I'm up to 50+!) and picking fruits and veggies, I have been busy.  Today I made 6 batches of plum juice, which will eventually turn into plum jelly.  I need a full 2 days, lots of sugar and lots of jars to get it all done.  I'm waiting on my cucumbers so I can make pickles.  If I could, I'd be a farmer and make as much of my food as I could.  Unfortunately, the summers here get too hot and a lot of stuff burns up before it's ready.  We are still considered in a drought, so we have to be careful with water.  Ah, the joys of living in Southern California! 
Well, I am ready to call it a night!  I know it's only 9pm, but I was in the kitchen all day dealing with plums!  Ah, the life! 
Happy Summer!