The Back to Work Blues

My Christmas vacation is coming to an end.  Tomorrow is my last day off.  And I am feeling sad.  I don't like feeling sad about going back to work, but that's how this year has been. 

I've got all my stuff planned out for the next couple of weeks and I hope and pray that it actually goes the way I have planned.  There is so much I need to get done and I need the whole class to follow along, pay attention, and learn.  I wish 6 year olds would just "get it" and understand that we are trying to help them, not "torture" them with "boring learning stuff" like I've had a student tell me this year.  Really makes a girl feel good, you know?

I watched an webinar this morning about art and am excited to go try a couple things in class.  If I only take one thing away from it, it is that I need to let me expectations for art go away.  That doesn't mean to let things go crazy, but to understand that each student will produce their own piece and I need to accept it for it is - their work.  I always want (and expect) their art to look great, but this year I get a lot of not-so-great art and it hurts.  Hurts my pride a little that they can't/won't do better.  Hurts that they are OK with putting out less than 100% effort on a piece.  Hurts that they don't have pride in their work, or even know what that means.  It's things I need to work on before I can expect them to grasp it. 

I have tomorrow to gear up for the challenges of the second half of the year.  I honestly don't know who will show up on Monday and how they will be.  I have had the revolving door, so I am not sure who is coming back and who will be moving on to another school in another city.  I have my ideas, but I could be surprised and they all will return.  One never knows until Monday morning.  And even then, that doesn't mean anything - several families take an extra week (we already have 3 off) and spend more time in Mexico with family.  And this Monday is supposed to rain, so that means even fewer kids at school - we get rain so infrequently that parents don't send their children when it rains.  Well, this year we have had many rainy days compared to the last 6 years COMBINED, so that equals a lot of days off!  Yikes!

Well, it's time for me to finish up my work here, then head to the couch for a little veg session.  My daughter is at Nana's for the night and hubby is catching up on work at the office.  A quiet Saturday night at home before the hustle and bustle of the week hit. 

Happy Saturday!

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