It's been a year.  And it's only 3 months into school.  We just finished our 12th week of school and I feel like I have been put through the ringer.  Between people passing away, my BBF not being at work, the election and everyone's opinion, I feel like I am barely hanging on.  There has been so much going on lately, that I don't know whether I am coming or going.  So glad vacation time is almost here!

I posted last that my BFF lost her husband on the 5th day of school.  She hasn't been back since.  There have been 3 substitutes in her room.  Well, 2 subs and they have hired a full time teacher until (if) she comes back.  Before she got here, I had been making copies for the subs in hopes they were following the plans she had made and were on the right path.  I can't say that happened, but I did what I could, short of teaching her class as well as mine.  It was hard enough teaching my class and doing the plans for the other class.  I did it to help my friend, but unfortunately, others felt the need to take more credit for helping than they deserved.  I didn't do it for the recognition, but it would have been nice to be recognized, rather than have others take credit when they didn't do much other than be in the classroom next door rather than across the walkway (that's where I am).  It's been a lot easier now that the new teacher is there and she can choose to do what she feels is necessary and important for her kids.  They have missed a lot and are behind, but the behavior is what's the big deal. 

Our first graders are a bit different than in years past.  This group overall is quite defiant.  They don't take no for an answer and they do what they want when they want, regardless of what the authority figure says.  My group was a bit rough around the edges when school started, but I got them under control.  We have since gotten a bit out of control, and I honestly don't know when or how or why.  We have had to go back to very strict rules and having to suffer consequences for the smallest things before they get out of hand.  I don't like feeling like this, but I have too many kids that are missing out because of a few that decide they can't/won't follow the rules.  I know we are tired, and we will get back to where we need to be, but darn it, it's hard.  Luckily my class is better than the others, but they still wear me out.  Today in fact, I just left.  I left my room a mess and went home.  I brought work home, but let's face it - it just came along for the ride in the car!  I'm not going to look at, grade it, etc.  I might look at it this weekend.  Or I might just ignore it until I need to really look at it.  Or throw it away. 

We have been working solidly since Labor Day.  We don't have a fall break.  We have Labor Day off, then Veteran's day off.  That's it!  We are tired.  We are run down.  We have been through weeks of coughs, colds, stomach bugs, lice and more.  I guess I did get a day off when I had the stomach flu, but let's be honest...I wasn't exactly relaxing!  I should buy stock in Lysol since we have used so much this year!  We will have Friday off to relax (or do a parade with Girl Scouts), then we have a teacher work day on Monday.  I've gotta be at work, but no kids.  I can handle that.  Then 4 days until we finally get a week at Thanksgiving.  Amen! 

I look back on the last 3 months and know that we have worked hard.  We've had some fun, we've had some hard times, but we have made it out on the other side.  We are anxious for a break, excited the holidays are coming and are tired of the heat (it was 95 today.  In November.  We don't have fall, just dry, burned leaves).  We need to recharge our batteries and take some time to have some fun without the pressures of school.  Until then, we will continue working hard and hoping it sticks! 

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