The best plans don't take life into account

We have been in school for 8 days.  The first 3 days were getting used to a routine. The first day was quite an eye opening experience of what the year would be like.  I went home after the first day scared of the next 179 days. But the next 2 days were better.  We aren't the best behaved bunch, but we are slowly coming along.

Monday last week was a very good day. We had good behavior, got our work done and we were on the way to a great week.  Well, that ended after 2:00.  We left for a behavior assembly at 1:10 and school gets out at 1:45.  At 2:00, my school secretary comes to tell me something is burning in my room. We run in to a room FULL of black smoke. My air conditioning BLEW UP!!!  Full on exploded outside and blew all the burning oil into my room.  I grabbed a couple things and left as soon as I could. I graded papers in my friends room before going home.  I had such a headache and sore throat from the smoke that I felt awful that night.

Tuesday I was out in another classroom.   They were fixing my ac all day, and finally got it to work, but the smell was still awful.  We spent Tuesday and Wednesday out in another room with just a fraction of what we needed to do our normal day.  A lot didn't get done, but we will finish it up this week.

Tuesday, right before school got out, my BTF (best teacher friend) got a call that her husband had been in an accident. She left early to get home, but it was too late.  I went to be with her for awhile, then came back to school to do her lesson plans for Wednesday.  Such an emotional day.  Wednesday wasn't much better, as I spent most of my telling people what happened or answering their questions for her.  I felt so sick and had such a headache that I pawned my class off to someone else and just vegged the rest of the afternoon.  I was still there, just not twaching.

The rest of the week was funky and weird, but we made it through. Tomorrow is the start of another week. It'll be a better week and we should get everything done.  That's the plan at least.  I haven't worked on my plans yet, but I have an idea of what's going to happen this week.  That's half the battle.

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