Time Marches On

Who would have thought that the school year would go by so quickly!  It's hard to imagine that it's the end of the calendar year and soon we will all be enjoying our Christmas vacation.  It really does seem like school just started.  I guess that's a good thing...the year isn't dragging, but I do wish it would slow down a bit. 

This year is going very well.  I have a group of 20 good kids.  They have their moments, but they are 6 and 7 years old!  They are allowed to have their moments, I guess.  We are all making good progress in our learning.  I think I have the highest 1st grade class this year, which is a nice change of pace.  I have never minded teaching lower students, and in fact, I like it, but it has been nice this year to have students that can think and dig deeper into their learning.  I still have kids who aren't able to do that yet, but we are all trying to help them come along.  I hope the breaks help the kids be rested and ready to tackle more learning instead of fall behind like in years past.  Here's hoping it all works out! 

Earlier this year, I learned what burn out feels like.  And I don't like it.  Our district feels the best use of money is to send us to trainings.  Training after training.  I have been to math training, language arts training and ELD training.  I have also been to training to pilot the math program (which didn't prepare me for the math program which has left me staring at my kids going "huh!" more than once.).  On top of all the trainings, we have our meetings at school.  I am on leadership, so we have meetings for that (which are a waste of my time since I am not part of the fab 3) and then staff meetings and then our weekly collaboration meetings which turn into 2 teachers talking about how great and wonderful they are.  We have no real support from administration, and we are left to fend for ourselves.  I have a student who is ADHD and has Autism, but the principal bends over backwards to allow the parent to do what she wants.  The child is more than capable of being in a regular mainstream classroom without any modifications, but the parent wants them and gets her way.  In fact, I can not have the child "suffer consequences" like the other children because "he doesn't understand the social norms and doesn't get why he was in trouble at 9am and had to move his clip and why he can't get a hand stamp at 2pm."  So he gets lots of chances to get his stamp, even if he totally misbehaves and breaks the rules.  He's even told me he can't move his clip becasue he's more special than the others.  Thanks for the back up, mom.  I was told I need to learn to accept his behavior as is and then my life will be easier.  But, I also have a duty to the other students in the class to keep them safe and protected, too.  Just because they don't have a diagnosis of something, doesn't mean they are any less special than a student who has a diagnosis. 

Anyway, this last week off has helped my mood.  I am quite excited to go back to work tomorrow and spend the next 3 weeks having some fun with my kids before Christmas.  We are going to be doing some new activites and have some fun. 

Until next time! 

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