'Twas a week before school started...

...and I might be stressing out a little bit!  I realized there is a box in the garage that I brought home and I don' know what's in it.  I was going to get it tonight and look through it, but I didn't.  I can wait one more day!  I have little piles here and there that are slowly being whittled down, taken to school and put away.  My room is almost done, and as long as I don't mess it up tomorrow, I think it will be about done!  I will put my calendar back up, put a couple more things on the wall, put the junk away from my table and then I can get planning, copying and organizing my weeks.  I say weeks because it's my goal to be about 3-4 weeks planned and prepped at a time.  I can always move things around as needed, but this way, I am more prepared and hopefully not staying late on Friday afternoons. 

I am trying something new this year (lots of new things, really) - math binders.  Our math person in the district is really into Common Core.  He believes that we teach students the answers too much and not how to find the answers.  I can sort of agree with that, but then other times I disagree.  Anyway, they have created/found some masters that are number lines, 120 charts, ten frames, etc that we have copied and will put into sheet protectors and then into binders for the kids.  The idea is that the students will use whatever they want in order to solve the problem.  I can see that being very beneficial, but I will spend quite a bit of time teaching and having the kids working with each sheet so they know how to use them, why we use them and what manipulatives are the best.  I won't jump into my curriculum for a couple weeks, so we will "play" during math time!  I am hoping I can get away from the idea that I must do a formal lesson each day, when I can see the same results with having the kids experiment with their learning.  Wish me luck...I'm a control freak!  Anyway, I still need to put my binders together!  All summer and they are still stacked in the boxes and the copies are elsewhere...maybe in the garage!  Yikes!

I am hoping this week to go into school 3 days - Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Tuesday I have an appointment and it's when I would go to school.  My daughter is in an art camp this week and it ends at 1:00, so I need to pick her up.  By then, no one wants to go work at school!  So tomorrow she and I will go and get a lot done and then on Wednesday and Thursday I will be there for about 3 hours both days.  Friday I mm NOT going in.  Instead I will go get a pedicure with my daughter, do a little bit of shopping and maybe grab some lunch before her 4H meeting.  It'll be our last day of vacation together.  :(  Man it goes by so fast!  She will start school on Monday and I have kids on Wednesday (Monday and Tuesday are get your rooms ready days!).  It'll be here before we know it.  Then it's back to the routines and the craziness of the new year - after school functions, appointments, meetings and life!  Busy, busy! 

Here's to one more Sunday night before the crazy chaos begins! 

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