It came and it went

Wow!  I have officially survived my 18th first day of school.  It's hard to believe that this is my 18th year teaching.  It doesn't seem possible, but when I realize my first class of kids now have kids of their own, it makes me feel old...and I'm only 39!  Yikes!  Where does the time go?

I have ZERO pictures of the first 3 days.  I never took my camera out.  I wanted to, but there wasn't time or I didn't think of it.  I had the best intentions at 4:30am, but then before I knew it, it was 1:45 and the kids were gone!  Maybe this week...maybe. 

I have 19 kiddos on my roster.  18 have shown up so far, and I got an email last night from the other one that they will be here tomorrow.  I guess it's a family court issue, so that will make things interesting.  Makes me sad to know that a little one is dealing with big family issues.  I don't get it, but my parents have been married forever (44 years next month) and my hubby's parents were married forever and all our grandparents were married forever.  Heck, we've been married for almost 13 years!  I just feel bad that the little guys have to worry about their parents' lives and can't enjoy being 6 anymore. 

Anyway, the first day of school felt funky.  I don't really know why, but it did.  It felt all out of whack and I felt like we didn't get anything accomplished.  We went over the rules (again and again and again), did a little tour (even though it was 247 degrees outside) and did a little project.  That's it!  Thursday felt a little better as we tried to follow some semblance of a routine, but even that will be changing soon.  Friday is our PE day, so that took a chunk out of the day and it was another funky day since it was hotter than hades for the kids to be outside.  You know it's too hot when it's 110 at pick up time and it's only 1:45.  Yeah, I don't know how teachers in Arizona do it! 

So far my kiddos seem sweet and eager to learn.  I have a couple of squirrely kids who don't know the rules apply to them yet, but I will get them under control!  I have one on "meds", but I don't know how well they help.  Cute as can be, but ZERO impulse control.  He'll come over in the middle of a lesson and do push ups on the floor, just because.  And he brings a whole new meaning to LOUD, too!  He's super smart, but has no social skills, so that will be our goal this year. 

We are all at about 18-19 kids.  Rumor is our super doesn't want anyone about 24 kids in K-3, so we will see.  I'd like to stay at 19, but I have a feeling we will be moving kids, closing classes and moving teachers to other sites.  :(  It's not good for anyone, and it throws the whole class out of whack when they make the changes.  Our principal has a meeting on Tuesday, so we might know more then, but I doubt it.  They normally wait a month before throwing a monkey wrench into our classes. 

This coming week I need to get my testing done so I know where my kids are.  I know the really high ones and the really low ones already, but I need to figure out the in betweens.  Luckily I think most are pretty solid in their kinder skills and are ready for first grade!  That's half the battle right there! 

Here's to a great second week of school.  It won't be as hot as it has been, so that's good.  It is going to be about 115 today, so I am staying put in my house with the AC on, enjoying the morning still in my pj's.  There are worse ways to spend the day! 

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