It's the most wonderful time of the year!

I don't know about you, but the summer has flown by.  In just 2 short weeks, we will back into the swing of things with school.  I have been working a bit here and there to get things done, but as it gets closer, I feel the stress, even though I feel quite prepared.  I have my year mapped out like always, but there are a lot of unknowns that freak me out a little.  I keep telling myself to relax, but let's be honest, I can't do that.  It's a problem I have had forever and I don't think it'll ever change. 

I have most, if not all, of my back to school shopping done.  I hit up Staples the first week they had their back to school sale.  The deals were not as great as last year, but hubby knows just to pay the bill when it comes.  He's a good guy!  I have enough crayons, notebooks and folders for 30 kids.  I hope it isn't that many, but you never know.  I have been to Target a bit to look at things, but the last time I was at my store, they didn't have their BTS stuff out (I can't believe I haven't been to Target in like 2 weeks...what is wrong with me?).  The dollar bins have had a few things, but I have tried to limit my spending a little. 

Tomorrow I will begin going in and setting up my room.  They have cleaned it (or as clean as it's going to get, which isn't great), so I can now put it back together.  My daughter is very excited to go with me tomorrow and help rearrange my desks and start putting things together.  The rest of the week she has an art camp, so it'll just be me working.  I've kept most things on the walls the same, so it's up and ready to go.  I do need to change a couple walls, but nothing major. 

Homework folders, math journals, reading folders, poetry folders and writing notebooks are ready to go!  Labeled, sheet protectored (yes, I made it up!) and ready for up to 24 kiddos!  I'm being optimistic, even though that is nothing like me!  I am sure changes will be happening within the first few weeks of school, but that's the way things roll where I work.  I try to roll with the changes, but it's hard for me.  I am trying not to think about it and enjoy the rest of the break! 

Tomorrow I will try and post some before pictures and then get my after pictures up right before school starts. 

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