Binder Love

In my attempt at uber organization (I'm told by my grade level team that I am very organized as it is), I am embracing the binders even more.  It started about 2 years ago and I am slowly changing and adding more and more binders as the time goes on.  

This is just what I have done at home in the last couple of days.  Some were tweaking things that were in there and others are brand new-to-me thoughts.  I feel better knowing I have all the things that belong together in the same place.  It makes it much easier to find.  I know some people put things in alphabetical order, place it by month or topic.  I have that, too, but the stuff is in binders and put away like that.  

I have all my stuff in 2 places - my file cabinets or my back counter.  In my file cabinets, I have binders by theme (fall, matter, pumpkins, etc) and by theme for our reading program.  Math has been a hot mess!  I had supplemental pages put into file folders and shoved into the box of math lessons.  It was really a disaster.  I have now put them into binders by standards.  4 binders are much easier to deal with than 16 folders of crap!  

On my back counter, I keep my binders that I need every week - my poetry binder, weekly story tests, math skills and teacher stuff that we are supposed to have visible (and never look at until we clean!). I also keep the binders I am using for the themes I am teaching and if I am really prepared, I have the binder out for the themes coming up so I can prepare better.  Yeah, that's why!  You can see some of the binders I left over the summer on the back counter.  

I used to have my teacher binder that had everything in it.  I decided to move the standards out and keep my binder for me.  It might be more useful that way.  I have the standards in a new binder.  I also made a new substitute binder.  I've never had one.  We are supposed to have one, but I never put one together.  Now I will have one when school starts (in 2 weeks!).  

I know not everyone loves the binder system, and that's OK.  I never could organize alphabetically, because that didn't make sense.  I like it by month and the binders just keep things together nicer than a file folder (as long as you put things back in the folder correctly when done!).  Some of my grade level team have followed my lead and are using the binders, but then complain about them.  I remind them I didn't make the do it and there are other ways to do it, so do what works for you!

I will start taking my binders in this week and get them where they need to be.  I am hoping I have made my life a bit easier and more organized and not a bigger mess than it is at times.  It's working for me and that's what matters.  

Happy Organizing!

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