February Currently

It's time again to link up with the February happenings!

Listening: If you haven't heard of Imagine Dragons, check them out on Pandora or YouTube.  I really like their music.  Some compare them to The Killers.  Eh, not really.  Just good music!

Loving: I for one am glad that Phil saw his shadow.  We are getting a taste of winter here this weekend in CA.  We NEED so much rain, it's not even funny.  There are lakes that are dried up!  Dried up, people!  As in no more water.  We need a flood, really!  

Thinking: I need to go for a walk.  Just get outside, get my frustrations out and then come in and watch the game.  I don't care about it, or the commercials really, but I don't want to be the only one not watching!  

Wanting: I would love to eat all the cookies in my garage instead of have my daughter sell them to others.  But I WILL be good!  

Needing: Our 100th day is tomorrow and I have a few things to prep.  Plus I have to do plans for the week.  All during the game!  

2 Truths: I was the first in my family to go to college and graduate.  Yay me!  My sister has since completed her BSN and my hubby has his BA and JD.  I teach where I grew up.  I taught in my old elementary school until they closed it down.  A Fib: I have a younger brother and a younger sister.  No only child here!  But, my daughter is an only child - I can see the advantages!  ;)  

Happy February All!


  1. I am not watching the Big Game because my husband could care less. Sure the commercials are fun, but I can watch them on YouTube if I want. I love Imagine Dragons too! Have fun on your 100th Day tomorrow!
    Reading Toward the Stars

  2. I am an only child and my daughter is too currently...we'll see. She is going into K next year and I am really looking forward to the extra income that won't be going out for daycare!

    Found your blog through Currently! Would love for you to head over and check out my blog. I am doing a February Holiday TpT pack giveaway!
    If You Give a Teacher a Treat