No Sunday Night Blues for me!

Yep!  I still have another week of vacation to go!  I really enjoy this next week, as my daughter is back in school and hubby is at work.  I get the week to myself to do whatever I want.  I will get to be mommy after school and actually pick my daughter up every day, but I will have 6 glorious hours while she is gone to myself.  I have several goals in mind for the week that I hope to accomplish by Friday afternoon.  While it's a vacation week, I will still be busy! 

* finish deep cleaning my house - it's taking me a long time because I am really deep cleaning
* work in the yard - my yard has been ignored for too long...time to get it looking pretty again
* get lesson plans done for January - at least the biggies filled in!  I haven't decided what I am doing
* get work done for online class I have been ignoring!  It's on CCSS, so I should do it!
* pay my ticket and do online traffic school - I ran a stop sign by my school on a day they were doing a massive sweep.  Lesson learned!
* get a massage - enough said!  This will be my Friday morning I think! 
* work out at least 3 days - starting small!

While nothing on this list is earth shattering, it's the little things I need to do!  Next Sunday I will have the Sunday night blues, but I will also be a bit excited to go back and see my kids.  I'm hoping they have grown and matured a bit and are ready for some serious learning! 

Happy Sunday and good luck for those having to go back to work! 

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