January Currently

Wow!  It's crazy to think that it's already January 2014!  It seems like it was just January 2013 a little bit ago!  I for one am glad to see 2013 in my review mirror.  It was not my best year by far, and I am ready for a great 2014!  I'm hoping all the crappy stuff that happened and put me in a negative mood is gone and I am going to work really hard to only be positive in 2014. 
We are still on vacation until the 13th of January!  I really do enjoy the extra week off.  My daughter goes back to school on Monday, so I have a week without her at home where I can get stuff done.  I think this year I will continue working on decluttering my house, but I will also spend some extra time working on school stuff.  One of my goals (not resolutions anymore, just goals) is to be a better teacher for my kids.  I think I am a good teacher, but I want to be even better.  I may not have everything looking perfect, I may not be up to date on the latest and greatest teaching styles, but I do know how to teach and do it well.  I have been letting myself get overwhelmed with things out of my control and I have not been my greatest teaching self (or self) lately.  But, I am going to change that! 
It has been an interesting couple of weeks of school.  I had big plans, but life had bigger plans.  Like many others, we were down and out with the stomach flu.  It was the worst thing in the world!  My parents and sister were sick, but we were hoping to be spared since we didn't see them while they were sick.  Wrong!  I got sick on Christmas night!  Not the best way to end Christmas.  We had gone up to our cabin for the day and made it home 10 minutes before I got sick.  I then spent all day Thursday in bed.  Hubby had court and so my daughter was home with me.  She kept herself occupied AND fed until my hubby came home.  He made her dinner and then he proceeded to get sick that night.  He was physically sick a lot longer than I was, but he bounced back better than I did.  On Friday, I managed to take a shower, run an errand and then I was done for the day!  Back in bed watching TV and trying to rest.  On Saturday we were all better and were finally able to do Christmas with my family.  Then on Sunday, the stomach flu blessed us with its presence once again as my daughter got it.  She got over it the quickest and I think we are all flu free and back to normal.  My house has never been so Clorox'd in the 11 years we have lived here!  But, if it had to happen, this was the time for it to happen.  We were all home and on vacation, so it was OK.  And, we were with the many other people enjoying their Christmas puking! 
Finally, here is my Currently for this month.   
Happy New Year to everyone who still may be reading my blog.  I have good intentions to blog more this year, if for no other reason that to put my own thoughts down and out of my head!  Enjoy the last of vacation!  


  1. So sorry to hear you have been sick and that it wasn't a fun Christmas. Feel better and I'm praying for rain for you!

  2. I totally feel the same way about many things you wrote Kristen! I'm not currently teaching but always feel I'm not doing enough for my kids even though I am home (blogging and other projects I have for me besides the housework seem to fill my time).
    Best of luck with all your goals for 2014! We got the stomach flu too--I wonder if it spread all over southern CA?
    Lucy at Kids Math Teacher

  3. Oh my goodness, I would KILL (well,not literally!) for an extra week of break! That would be so awesome! The Oldest doesn't have to go back to school until the 14th, her first class of the semester is the 15th. Lucky duck!

    Sorry you all were sick over the holiday :( But, as you said, at least it happened when you were on vacation which is better than having to take time off and then deal with sub plans and such.

    Happy New Year!