From horrible to good

Last week should have been an easy week.  Monday was a holiday, Tuesday and Wednesday I had training and that left Thursday and Friday to teach.  It ended up being a craptastic week!  My kids were so horrible for the sub.  It's embarrassing and disappointing to know that they can't behave when I'm gone.  The upside if there is one, is that they can't behave when I am there.  This is a group that doesn't really care if they are in trouble.  I have one boy who will probably grow up to be a sociopath.  When he gets in trouble, he laughs about it and thinks its funny.  It's heartbreaking, really, but I don't feel like that when he has pushed my buttons all day.  And it's not just him!  I have 4 boys who are constantly doing something naughty, sometimes 2 of them together to be awful.  Like throwing woodchips at each other on the playground.  Or putting soap in each other's faces in the bathroom.  Each day is a new adventure in crazy!

So on Thursday and Friday, because I had so many kids who were bad, I gave up my recess and lunch time to spend with them in the room.  They had to be with me all day.  They do have "time out" on the playground, but it's just a bunch of kids standing the wall, talking and playing with each other.  One of my kids who was in trouble took it upon himself to dismiss the kids from time out because he thought they were all done.  (He also used the f word one time on the playground, but justified it because "he's a man and he can say those words.")  To keep my kids from getting into more trouble and to keep me from losing my mind, they stayed with me.  My BFF came and had lunch with me.  At the end, she said she didn't know how I did it, that my kids were so horrible for me, even with another adult in the room.  I told her I don't know either, as there were tears in my eyes.  Sadly, this group has reduced me to tears many times after school.  I've always been known to have good classroom/behavior management, but not this year.  I haven't figured out what it is that gets them. 

Going to the office doesn't do any good.  They talk to the principal, but there are no ramifications for their actions.  They may lose recess, but they still get to sit and talk with their friend who they got in trouble with.  They may have to call home, but most of the time the parents don't answer the phone.  It's loads of fun!  I did send home a pretty harsh letter to the offending kids' parents.  They had to have it signed and returned on Friday.  Of the 6 kids, I've met with 4 of the parents already.  One is supposed to come in tomorrow, though I am not holding my breath, as they have cancelled many appts they have made with me.  The other one I have never met and figure I never will meet them.  It's just not a priority to them.  Which is why their children are in this situation as it is. 

To reward my good kids, they all got a brand new fancy pencil on Thursday.  They also got to do an art project on Friday as well as an ice cream party on Friday afternoon.  One of the naughty's told me it wasn't fair and that I was mean and stupid.  Awesome.  His mom doesn't really care or want to fix his behavior, even though she will cry in our conferences and tell me she can't fix him.  We have 85 days of school left and I am counting down each and every one.  I will be so thankful when this year is over. 

But, I am also hopeful that at least one child who was in trouble last week will be well behaved this week.  I am hopeful that we will get a lot of learning done this week and have a little fun in the process.  We have a lot to cover in the next few months and I am stressing over it.  I need to stop and smell the roses before I go crazy and take my class with me.  After having a meltdown yesterday (think exorcist), I am ready for a great week this week.  All negativity behind me, I'm ready to go and get things done this week with decent behavior.  If not, I will start suspending kids since my principal doesn't really believe in it.  Something's gonna give and it won't be me anymore! 


  1. I use tickets ( you can buy a big roll of the at dept. stores. ) I give out as many as I can to those following the rules. They put their name on them and keep them in a Baggie in their desk. Every Friday they can buy things at my store ( junk that I want to give away, books, candy, etc.) I start with the person with the most tickets, then count backwards. This way anyone with at least one ticket gets something, but those with the most get the best choices of things to pick from.

  2. It is so sad when kids are that young and just don't care. Says a lot about their parents!! I have a kid (4th grade) who just grates on my nerves daily. He smirks every time he gets in trouble and it takes every ounce of my being not to wipe that smirk off his face. Supposed to be meeting with his mom tomorrow but I have a feeling that we will have another cold/snow day so it will need to be rescheduled. But I can't wait for HIM to have to explain to his mother why he is failing everything. It's not going to be on me that's for sure.

    Ugh. Hang in there!