I always forget how tiring it is to go back to work after a break.  I am totally exhausted!  Wiped out!  Ready to hit the hay.  And it's only Tuesday!  It's going to be a long week.  But I'm glad I'm back to work.  I have a ton if stuff to do and a whole lot of teaching and learning that needs to happen in the next 93 days!  

My kids regressed a lot this break.  The students who were making progress, but were barely hanging on for dear life fell behind the most.  Te ones who were at grade level are still there or just a bit behind. Te ones who were really low are still really low.  We've got our work cut out for us, but I'm up to the challenge.  

Today we spent over an hour (luckily they were totally engaged) talking about/reviewing nouns, verbs and adjectives.  We did this instead of reading groups.  Something had to give today and that was it.  The kids have a good grasp on nouns, a decent idea of verbs and they are stumped with adjectives.  Sadly, teaching adjectives and how to use them is not my strong point.  I need to get better at this skill.  Tomorrow we will sort some words and see if we can get them in the correct group!  

In math, we are talking about tens and ones.  Today I gave my kids 10's and 1's blocks.  We've been working with tens and ones throughout the year, but this is the first time they have had the blocks.  I decided to give them a number and they had to show me in their blocks, but keep it a secret from their table mates.  They had a blast and thought it was the best thing ever!  We had to hurry to complete the math paper as we were running out of time.  Oops!  We will continue the game tomorrow since they had such a good time.  

I wish it was about 8:15 so I could go to bed.  But, I still need to help my daughter with a project, do dishes and grade papers before I can head off to dreamland!  Next week will be a little easier since we have Monday off and we will have a week under our belts!  

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