November Currently

It's been awhile since I have actually posted a currently.  I figured now's as good a time as any!  It's been quite awhile since I blogged and changes are coming down the road for my kiddos! 
Listening: I love listening to the radio when I work on the computer.  I distracts me from all the other stuff going on in my house.  I did have to wait today to come into the office until after the NASCAR race was over.  I had to watch Jimmie win!
Loving: Between all the holidays, I only have to work with kids 13 days this month.  It's a much needed break!  But it's also stressful as there is so much to do between now and the 22nd! 
Thinking: My kids are going to FREAK out tomorrow!  I am totally rearranging the schedule tomorrow.  We need more time for things, so everything is being moved around.  November will be my test month to see how it goes.  We will now do math first thing in the morning instead of last thing in the day.  We will do our rotations at the end of the day.  I need more time for my whole group language arts, so that will be done in the middle of the day.  It will take a lot of getting used to by me, as I am a creature of habit and have had the same basic schedule since I have been teaching...and that's been 16 years!  But, I am going to try to embrace this change and see how it goes.  Wish me luck! 
Wanting: I want fall to be here!  It was over 80* yesterday!  I want it to be nice and cool.  I'll take 60* and be happy.  We are going up to our new mountain home this weekend, so I hope it's nice and fall feeling.  It's supposed to be in the 50's there and I am looking forward to it! 
Needing: Lots of things!  I need to start report cards, but the new changes to the new report cards have not been completed.  And the term ends Friday.  But we can't send them out until after the 18th.  Whatever!  My house is always a mess.  I admit it!  I'd rather spend time with my family than cleaning.  And they aren't a big help, so we opt for time together rather than a squeaky clean house!  And I need to stop stress-eating!  The peanut butter is almost gone and there aren't enough chips in the house right now!  Too bad I didn't like to stress eat on carrots and apples!  Once the next 2 weeks pass, I should be done with all the stress eating! 
Yummy pin: I LOVE this recipe!  I actually have it in the oven as I type.  These are my new go-to potatoes!  So yummy!  And so easy to make.  My whole family loves them! 


Dinner's about ready and my lesson plans are done!  It's a good Sunday night.  But there is still a million and a half things to do before tomorrow morning.  Happy November!


  1. Kristen,
    That recipe looks delicious! I'm excited for your class to see their changed-up schedule! I've often thought of doing the same thing! My day is just so choppy! As of now, the biggest chunk of my day is in the morning so that's when we do language arts. I'm excited to hear about how it goes! Best of luck!
    I found you through the Currently link up & I'm your newest follower!
    Have a great week!

    First Grade Follies

  2. I LOVE roast potatoes. They're my absolute favourite. Thanks for sharing that pin!!

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  3. I SO agree with the spending time with family being way more important than a spotless house! It is tough to find time for everything when you are a working mama and something has to give! I just figure I can't get the time back with my kiddos and they will remember the quality time more than they would a spotless house!
    Lisen :)
    Second Grade Smartypants