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It's been a while since I have posted.  And that's been on purpose!  I just haven't been in the mood.  Life gets in the way and things that are more important than blogging take priority.  There have been many times in the day I think "This would be great to blog about!"  But then I get home, and there isn't time or desire!  But I'm trying to be back!  At least more than I have been. 

We've been busy at school working on everything under the sun it feels like.  As a whole, we are all moving along, however slow it may be.  My group is a group that needs to go a little slower in their learning, so I am learning with them this year to go a bit slower.  We are taking the scenic route in learning, so hopefully things will stick and they will remember and be successful in their learning!  We seem to be doing better in math than reading, but boy do I have a group of readers who have really taken off in the last 3 weeks.  Some are zooming right along!  Makes me happy to see them doing so well and getting it!  I really only have a couple who aren't making progress, but they are the ones who keep me up at night. 

In our grade level, we have "that group" of kids this year.  They are the ones that will be talked about for years to come.  They are a difficult group overall.  They are on the lower end of learning, which has been a shock.  A lot of them struggle with behavior (or at least how we'd like them to behave) which impacts the others in the class who do know how to behave.  I have 6 kids who are ALWAYS good.  6 out of 26 isn't very many.  It's been hard.  But it's getting better.  We have a lot of parents who don't work with their kids and tell us it's our job to teach them.  I do what I can, but that's where we need the parent help.  We do what we can in the 5 hours they are with us. 

I have sat down at the computer many times to create something fun for my kids, but nothing has come out yet.  It's been an interesting year.  We are working with common core, but I don't feel like I know the standards well enough yet to know if my kids are getting it.  Has anyone else felt the same way?  What have you done to change that feeling?  We don't have report cards ready yet for the new standards, so we truly don't know what they are being "graded" on.  I hear rumors of rubrics and checklists, but in our grade level, we have nothing yet.  I have a meeting next week where we are supposed to plan all that, but that doesn't do us any good for now.  We don't know to what extent our kids are expected to know the standards and how they are being assessed or graded on them.  So we are doing what we can and hoping for the best.  This year seems to be a lot of hope for now! 

And as we are spending the year hoping we do the best, it's time for me to plan those awesome lessons I will do this week!  I hope you all have a great week! 

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