Fall Finally?

Nah, it's not fall here.  Or at least not like fall in other parts of the country.  It was still almost 90* today!  But it's sunny, so I can't complain!  A couple weeks ago we had some rain one day and some cooler temps for a few days.  It was wonderful!  I will really enjoy it when it does get cooler and we can wear pants and not sweat to death outside!  :) 

I am going to introduce my kids to some new centers this week.  We have been doing my version of Daily 5, but I don't like it all that well.  Read to someone is my nemesis.  So I am going to fix it a little and make it work better for me.  That means I need to be more creative, but I need to be.  I have been in a rut for a bit, so this will be a good way to get me out of it.  And my kids need practice with some other things, so we will throw in some math, too.  I know it's not math time, but some of us need all the extra help we can get! 

I have made a couple little fun center games for the kids this week.  We have 3 days this week of centers/rotations.  I am out on Thursday for a meeting, and they will have plenty to do with the substitute to keep them occupied!  If you'd like to grab the centers I have made, click on the cute pictures from mycutegraphics.com to get your free copy.  All I ask is for a little comment love please!

I've decided that if I post anything here for use in the classroom, most of the time it will be a freebie.  I'm tired of reading blogs that are just a big ad for their TPT store and then the item I like it too expensive for my taste.  I guess that makes me cheap, and I am OK with that (so is my hubby).  It seems that teachers who are posting on TPT are making things more $$$ and are reaping the benefits, but not from me.  There are a few things I have bought that have been worth it, but if it's something I really want/need, I am going to try and make it on my own.  It's not as cute as theirs or as creative, but I get the same result.  I want to be able to help even just one person who may be frazzled or pressed for time.  If I can do that, then I'm good!  I will still be putting things on TPT, but those are few and far between. 
I have had a busy weekend and I am really tired, thanks to waking up before 3am for no apparent reason!  I think it's time for an early bedtime tonight and ready for a busy week!  


  1. Kristen- I just wanted to say thank you for your post. I don't have a blog because I do not have the time to devote to creating and selling. I use to read blogs and love all the classroom stories and the occaisional freebie, but they seem to have disappeared- now the majority are I made and used this in my classroom, go to TPT and purchase it.

    So thank you for your post!

  2. The centers are perfect for my first graders. I really appreciate you sharing your ideas for free!