Reality check

This is my first full week back to school and it's been quite the reality check for my kids.  They had 3 weeks where they had substitutes, so having me there to lay down the law has caught some of the them off guard.  On Monday, I had many kids move their clips.  Most of it was for talking, but for some kids, they just seemed to talk non-stop.  Tuesday was a bit better with the talking, but I had kids move their clips for punching and cussing.  Yep, cussing in first grade.  And the big one, too.  The kid said it's OK that he said it because he's a man.  Seriously, can't make this stuff up!  Today was a lot better, with just a few kids moving their clips for talking and luckily no hitting or cussing! 

My kids are settling back in to the routines we had started to establish before I got sick.  Things seem to be flowing a bit better AND they seem to be learning a lot more than when I left.  Their reading has been OK, but their math?  Oh holy Moses!  Their math test was a nightmare!  I even had to re-do part of it to give them a fighting chance on getting a decent grade.  We'll see how they did!  The subs didn't teach the lessons that way I would, nor did the kids seem to grasp the concepts in the lessons.  And the whole topic was done by a sub.  YIKES!  But I keep reminding myself there is still a lot of time left in the year and they will be fine!  In fact, I am actually starting to believe it!  They will be fine!  :)

Tomorrow is our 3rd annual Johnny Appleseed Day!  We will do rotations with our classes and they will get to do a total of 3 different activities.  2 years ago there were 4 classes that participated, last year we had 5 and this year we are down to 3.  It'll still be fun and I will only have to do the same lesson 3 times instead of 5!  I like having the other classes come in and see how they are - it makes me appreciate my own group that much more!  Mine aren't perfect, but they are pretty good! 

We've been plucking away at Daily 5.  I must be doing something wrong.  My room isn't quiet.  It doesn't even begin to resemble quiet.  It's too noisy.  I need to fix it.  I think my groups are too big, but I need big groups to get it all in every day.  We have 26 kids now, which is way more than I've ever had.  26 might as well be 50!  We have the most kids in the primary grades.  Upper grade has more, but they always have.  We were spoiled with 20 for years and then it has crept up to 26.  And I remember when I thought 20 was a lot!  What I wouldn't give for only 20 kids, even just for a day! 

It's time to head off again for our weekly night of drums.  Time for me to grade those pesky math tests while my daughter pounds away on her drums!  Happy Wednesday! 

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  1. I had pancreatitis, so I feel your pain! I, too, am a SoCal first grade teacher. Be thankful for your 26 kids because it can get worse. I only have 26 kids now, but from August to last Friday I had 36!! Yes, thirty-six. I can't tell you how glad I am that another teacher was hired!