I will finally be back in the game, full time this week and I can't wait!  It's been a long 3 weeks since I have been with my kids all day long.  They need me and I need them!  It'll be so nice to be back full time, tho that afternoon nap time will definitely be missed!  ;)

This week, we will continue working on reading and writing.  My kids have done pretty well in reading and seem to be able to do everything they have worked on in my absence.  I will finally be able to work on reading groups this week and actually pull kids to work with!  I hadn't started groups before I left and last week was not the time to start with me leaving in the middle of group time.  So tomorrow will be the day!  I need to re-shuffle my groups and get them in some sort of order.  Guess I should take my school bag out of the car!  I did lesson plans last week, so the bag wasn't a total necessity, but it does like to go for car rides!  :)  We also need to work on writing.  My absence is sure felt there.  But I keep reminding myself that it'll be OK and my kids will survive. 

In math, we will begin working on subtraction.  In actuality, we will be doing addition and subtraction.  Unfortunately, they didn't do so well on their math test that covered addition.  I didn't teach a single lesson from it.  And the subs didn't do so well, either.  But again, that's OK.  We will work on it and we will all be fine.  At least I am planning on it!  We are going to break out the manipulatives and "play" during math time.  I think it'll actually be a lot of fun and I hope they easily make the connection between adding and subtracting. 

We are going to also be doing a whole lot of apple fun this week.  I haven't quite planned that out, as math has taken the front seat right now.  But on Thursday, we are having our annual Johnny Appleseed day in our grade level.  There are only 3 classes participating (out of 4), but the kids will get to rotate between the 3 classes and do some different things.  It's a lot of fun and hard work for the teachers, but the kids enjoy it and have a good time!  Once we are done with rotations, we will do some fun apple math in class working on graphing and patterning.  It'll be a crazy day, but a fun day! 

Happy first day of fall!  It's actually a bit chilly here for us Southern Californians today.  I just went outside and it's breezy with a chill.  I may need a sweatshirt tonight!  But have no fear...tomorrow's supposed to be in the 90's again, so we won't be cool for long!  For us, fall doesn't really come til November, October if we are lucky.  But I'll take it any way I can get it!  Have a great week! 

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