I am so excited to be going back to work tomorrow!  It's been a long 2 weeks not being at work and I miss it terribly.  I miss seeing my kids.  I miss teaching them something new each day.  I miss just being me.  I am so happy to go and see their smiling faces in the morning!

I sat down last night and did all my lesson plans for my afternoon/half day sub.  It was really easy to write them, and they are basically the same each day.  There are a few things different each day, but it's basically the same routine.  I'll be there for Language Arts and the sub will do math and social studies at the end of the day.  I'm anxious to see where my kids are and what they know.  I figure it will take them some time to get used to me again, and that's OK.  We will just take it slow and easy to get used to each other again. 

I am looking forward to a great week back to work and a great week with my kids!  It'll be so nice to start getting back to normal!  :)

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