This seems to be the story of my life. One step forward, 10 steps back.  I am writing this at 4:53 am from my hospital bed.  Yep, as in not at home or work,  I have pancreatitis - a very angry pancreas that more than likely was caused by a loose gallstone that was left floating around after my gallbladder was taken out.  I've been in pain since Sunday night with what I thought were back spasms.  Even the ER doc said the same.  He wasn't very forthcoming with info.  By Monday night I was sick and in a lot of pain.  My dear hubby brought me to the ER before midnight and were were finally seen at 3:30.  Nothing like 3+ hours of being in pain.  After several tests, it was confirmed I have pancreatitis - one of the most painful things to have.  But I'm getting better each day, though there's no telling when ill,be back at work.  

And that's really hard for me.  I wasn't prepared for Monday, much less the next 2 weeks.  But my kids are doing well and hanging in there.  Makes me feel like a failure as a teacher.  But when you're sick, you're sick.  Not much I have control of right now.  All I can do is sit here feeling sorry for myself and try to take it minute by minute.  There's so much I want to do with my kids, I don't now if I'll get to do them. 

But for now, my job is to get well so I can get back to work as soon as physically possible.  Good, healing thoughts would be greatly appreciated, too!  Thanks!  



  1. Oh no! Hope you are better soon! :(

  2. I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Sending healing thoughts your way

  4. Praying for your speedy recovery!