One day down...

I survived the first day back!  And oh my word!  I am exhausted!  I was ready for a nap at 2:30!  And Mother Nature decided today would be the perfect day for summer to arrive - it was 105 at dismissal time.  Awesome!  Sweaty, hot, tired teachers and crazy kids on super hot blacktop!  YES!  Perfect end to the day.  

All my kids showed up today.  One was dropped before school started today.  24 little firsties showed up at my line.  Some were scared, some were in tears, some were happy and some were uninterested in anything going on!  Meeting the parents, figuring out where the kids go and the chaos of the morning all make the start a bit crazy.  But we survived and got the parents out pretty quick to start the day.  

Our start time is an hour earlier than in the past and we are out over an hour earlier.  The school day is now shorter and man, it flew by today!  We hardly got anything done I had planned.  I always overplan, but I didn't get 1/4 of the stuff done.  Some of the kids are soooooooo slow!  Gotta work with them to get a little faster!  

And a little quieter!  The kids are quite chatty, but I blame their kinder teachers, really.  All the "chatty" kids come from two teachers who I feel let the kids get away with too much.  So when they come up to first grade, it's a shock for them and their parents.  They have to learn my style and end up moving their clips a lot before they come around to my way of thinking!  It's a process, but we eventually all seem to get where we need to be.  

Tomorrow is back to school night.  Time to get the parents on board with me and get them excited to help their child.  With that in mind, I've got stuff to do for tomorrow before I crash!  Here's to a great day tomorrow!  

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  1. How lucky to only have 24 kiddos. I start Monday with 31 on my list.