New Old Math

Does that even make sense?  Well, for me it kind of does.  You see, we got a "new" math program this year.  Only, it's very similar to our "old" math program from last year.  You see, we use enVision by Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley.  We've used it going on 6 years now.  But this year, they got into the CCSS action.  And they changed things! 

Before, we had 20 topics that we were supposed to cover during the year.  With the new standards, we have 16.  Many of the lessons are the same as before, they are just in different spots.  And there are new lessons to help support, too.  We haven't started using it yet, because not all the parts have been delivered yet.  They are still at the publisher being "packaged".  Good thing we aren't teaching math! 

Anyway, with the new version of the math out, I had to start almost all over with my math journals.  And they have been some hot sellers this week!  I have updated the "old" Topic 3 journal questions to correlate with the "new" Topic 1 math lessons.  We start right out with addition.  Good-bye number review with the old program.  Luckily I created my own to use with my class.  We will start learning all about addition right after Labor Day.  For now, we will work on our numbers and build a stronger number sense base before starting addition. 

You can find the newest edition to the math journal family in my store.  I will be slowly working on updating all of them as the year goes on.  But for now, I started with the first one.  And, my district does things out of order (makes life more interesting, ya know?).  I will try to update in order as I go along.  Check out my store for the latest and greatestJust click here for Topic 1

Let me know if your math changed and how you are making a go of it.  Ours should be interesting, once all the pieces arrive!  Happy Monday!

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