Do as I say, not as I do

Oh my word!  I have been at "training" the last 2 days.  It was awful.  A complete waste of time.  I am very disappointed in it.  :(  Our district, in their attempts to get us to work together for the good of the kids and common core, had all the elementary grade level leads go to a training on PLC's.  I was all for the meeting and getting some good information.  I was on board and a little excited to go.  I was all ears to get some good insight to help me team work better together. 

I left knowing all about the schools the presenter has been a principal at.  I left knowing about how her staff(s) have all come around to her way of thinking and doing things.  I left knowing that the presenter likes to hear herself talk.  I left feeling frustrated and ready to scream.  My whole team felt that way.  IT WAS AWFUL! 

I don't really have any better insight into PLC's than before.  I did get a better understanding that it should be driven by data.  That's great.  But in first grade, we don't have a lot of concrete data that we can use.  We have a lot of subjective data we can use.  We have a lot of "my kids did really well with this" or "my kids didn't so hot on this", but no real data.  Um, OK.  We can work with it.  I understand that all members are supposed to buy in, and if they don't there should be consequences for them.  Um, OK.  And who will follow through on that?  I understand that we need to be more positive in our approach to everything.  Um, OK.  We can do that.  But the "training" left me feeling so negative.  IT WAS AWFUL! 

About 6 years ago, the district sent many teachers to Boston for the PLC training.  This was when PLC's were first becoming a thing.  Everyone was excited.  It was new and interesting.  But now we kinda know what we are doing and would have liked to know the next step.  I didn't go to Boston, so I didn't get the initial training.  I was really hoping to get a better understanding of the whole thing and how I can make it work with my grade level.  But I didn't.  I heard all about the presenters schools and how they do it.  But I don't know if I can apply her dictator methods to our grade level team.  Hmmm...I've got some thinking to do on this. 

I am very hopeful that our team can work really well together.  There are only 4 of us now.  The one who has caused us so much grief is now at a different grade level.  3 of us are very open and willing to work together, but we have one who is still resistant to change and doesn't want to share kids with anyone or take any kids.  But it's time we move past that.  We have to work for the betterment of the kids, rather than our own feelings.  I don't love sending my kids all over, but it's what's expected of me by my principal.  I do it, but I don't love it.  In fact, we weren't going to switch out our kids (except our EL's for their ELD instruction), but there is some new funding thing going on in my district and our site actually lost money and we lost our "award winning way" of doing Intervention.  Not too smart if you ask me.  But, no one asked me, so....

In 8 days, I will have a class of new kids.  I'm getting more excited to meet them and start the year.  I'm not really ready yet, but I have a week to be prepared for their bright, smiling faces.  I am trying hard to go into the year with a positive outlook and trying to think about things going smoothly.  I am hoping they do.  I can't handle another year like last year.  It was too hard and filled with too much drama.  I'd like a nice drama-free year where I can really experience Common Core and try some new things with my kids! 

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