Countdown begins...

...NOW!  There is less than one week until school starts!  6 days from today I will be done with the first day of school.  It's hard to believe that vacation time is over.  It feels like we just went on vacation.  But it's been 2 months.  I guess play time is over!  

I've been to my room a bit this week, but nothing major.  I will be busy on Monday and Tuesday to get everything ready.  I'm changing things up this year and I'm NOT dong what I have done in the past.  Te problem is, I'm not totally sure what I'm doing yet.  I have some ideas, but nothing planned out at all.  Starting to feel a little stress coming on!  Yikes!  

The first days are always a little strange.  Kids coming in and out, kids crying, the schedule just doesn't go according to plan.  That happened last year.  My day didn't go according to plan and it felt weird all day long.  I'm hoping this year I'd different and the day feels smoother.  As of today, I have 23 kids on my list.  That's way less than the 27 they said we'd have.  Our second grade team will have about 27 to start.  Lucky them!  I hope all my kids show up and we can start from day 1 learning and becoming a little classroom family.  

As I mentioned before, I'm changing things up this year.  We are starting Common Core, so that'll be new.  But I'm also wanting to try new things and not just do the same thing year after year.  Some of my beloved activities will not be done this year.  I'm sure I will miss them, but I don't want to be that teacher who only does the same things year after year.  We have some of those and I'm afraid of becoming that teacher!  So, I will step out of my comfort zone and try new things.  Lots of new things, in fact.  And all with the blessing of our principal and superintendent who say to really work on Common Core!  OK!  That's all I need to know!  A little more fun and a lot more learning will be happening this year!  And, on the plus side, my class seems relatively "high" which means they are mostly at grade level.  I hope it's true!  I am really wanting to be able to teach at a higher level and see all the light bulbs click on!  

Tomorrow will be a mommy daughter day before school starts.  I'm not going in tomorrow and figure everything can wait!  Happy early weekend!  

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