Beginning of the Year Recap

I survived our first week of school!  It was only 3 days, but it was 3 tiring days!  Throw in Back to School Night, a girl scout meeting and cleaning and you have one tired girl here!  But, it's Sunday and I am getting ready to tackle the week ahead!  I think I'm ready...or will be once I get lesson plans done. 

Our schedule has changed this year dramatically.  We start an hour earlier than we did last year.  We now start at 8am!  I have to wake up before the sun has come up!  It's awful!  But I made it this week with getting up early and it wasn't as bad as I expected.  But I was ready for bed by 9pm every night!  The good news with starting so early is we get out early.  We get out at 1:45.  1:45!  I can still work at school afterwards and be out of there by 3:00!  It's crazy!  But boy does the day go by fast.  We went from 3 recesses a day to 2.  It makes for a longer time in class, but we get a lot done.  Or we will once we get our routine established and things start running smoothly.  They aren't there, but they will get there soon...I hope!

I don't feel like we got a lot accomplished last week, but it was a start.  I forget how slow the kids work at the beginning of the year.  We did the little project below and it took almost 2 hours by the time it was all said and done.  Some of the kids were having trouble with cutting.  It was sad, really, but I wanted to see what they could do.  This project came from Cara's blog, so it's not mine, and I couldn't for the life of me find the link to the actual page. 
We read No David and David Goes to School.  Then we talked about how to be good students/kids in general and at school.  The kids had to write how they will be good students and follow the rules.  Again, this took 2 hours!  And 3 kids didn't finish.  Lord help me! 
We also started talking about names.  We graphed how many letters were in our names.  We will be working more with names this week and learning about vowels and consonants.  I'm anxious to see how that goes.  Here is our graph with our names.  I was surprised the kids didn't have a good idea about graphs.  I know what to work on now! 
This week will be spent reviewing letters, sounds, the kinder sight words and color words.  I think the kids have a good idea of their letters and sounds, so we will see how they do with their color words and sight words.  I'm hoping it's easy and fun and they know them already!  Fingers crossed!
We are going to also venture into learning how to do centers.  I have a couple of new centers made for the kids to work on this week.  I haven't posted them yet, but I may get around to it later today.  Maybe.  The day is going by too fast for me.  I don't think the little nap helped get work done, either! 
I'll let you know when they are up and ready for you! 
I'll leave you with a look at my crazy schedule.  It's very different from last year and I haven't gotten my mind wrapped around it yet.  Once we get into our normal routine (switching for focus time), my day will go much smoother.  Until then, it'll still be a bit choppy.  And I just have to remember that it's only the first full week of school! 

Here's to another great week of school!  If you are starting, good luck!  If you are already in, have a great week!  And if you are still on vacation, enjoy it! 

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