Crunch Time

OK people!  I have 4 days to get it all done!  YIKES!!!!!  My surgery is scheduled for Tuesday AFTERNOON at 1.  Like in nothing to eat all day.  Oh my!  What am I gonna do?  (Well, I know panic and freak out are on the list, but...)

So, I went to the surgeon yesterday and will have Gilly (my sister named my gallbladder) removed.  I should feel so much better after that.  Or at least after the pain of being poked and probed and prodded and cut goes away.  Not gonna lie...not really liking this whole idea of surgery.  But I've done it before, so I will be fine.  I just wish they would have done it on Monday when I was already in the ER and a bit doped up!  Oh well!  At least they got me in fairly quick and I *should* be recovered by the time school starts. 

But then there's that word - SCHOOL!  I'm not ready!  At all.  I've got little things started here and there, but nothing is done.  Set.  Complete.  And now it's time to PANIC!!!!  The other night I laid in bed and couldn't get to sleep.  I was thinking about all the things I needed to do for school and at home and outside.  I won't have time to get them all done.  I've been too busy enjoying summer (is that possible?) to worry about work.  And it's coming back to haunt me!  So I've got to get my butt in gear and see what I can get done. 

So, here's my 4 day plan:

1. Organize my office - I have some things to put up and away.  Need to get that done today. 

2. Print so I can laminate like a fool.  I figure I can lay in bed and cut out laminating.  I just need to get my things completed and printed so I can get the laminating done so I have something to cut. 

3. Organize my reading materials.  Let's face it...I'm going to be in bed/on the couch and you can only watch so much TV.  I started a new book the other night and I bought the new Danielle Steel book the other day.  I'm set there, plus I have a pile of magazines and catalogs to go through!

4. Clean the fridge.  Anyone hate that job as much as I do?  Hubby has so much in there that goes to waste.  I haven't been cooking this week (I can't eat much, so cooking isn't much fun) and all the stuff hubby bought last week is on my no-no list for now.  :(  I open the fridge and my yogurt just stares at me.  :( 

5. Spend some extra cuddle time with my daughter.  She will be going to my parents for a few days, so I won't be able to see her.  :(  She's wanting to go there for like a week.  I'm thinking 3 days should be good! 

Well, I should get started.  Let's see if I get as much done as I am hoping to!  Happy Friday!

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  1. I don't even want to think about school yet. Let us know how the removal of Gilly goes. :-)