Resuming Normal Life

Well, I think it's almost time to resume normal life.  At least 70% normal.  I'm still in recovery mode, but I can function almost like a human.  I still have some tenderness, soreness and some muscle pain, but it'll go away soon (I hope).  My friend reminded me yesterday, when I was having a little pity party, that I just had surgery and part of my body that's been there for 37 years was removed.  It might take time to feel normal again.  That made me feel a bit better and I stopped the pity party.  But it started again when I woke in pain from trying to roll onto my stomach at 6 am.  What was my subconscious thinking?  I won't do that again for a couple days, that's for sure. 

Hubby sprung me from the house today.  We picked up our daughter at my parents house and then we headed to Carlsbad for some lunch and just to get out and drive.  We then went to the Outlet center down there and that did me in.  My stomach/muscle/spot they ripped out my gallbladder from is sore and was really starting to bother me.  We came home after that.  I felt better after the long ride home and then have been on the couch since then.  It feels a little better, but is still sore.  I go visit the surgeon again on Monday, so he will give me more of a timetable to recovery.  I'll ask, too, when I can start lifting things so I can take stuff to school.  It'll be nice to get it off my floor!

I did get my lesson plan book made.  The weeks are in it, the dates are done and all the things scheduled so far are written in it.  Now I need to put in my lesson plans!  I have so many ideas thanks to Pinterest.  I don't know where to begin!  I am going to spend some time the next week writing out some sketchy plans and then finalizing them as the first day gets closer.  It'll be August 14 before I know it!  And until then, I have a PLC training on the 5th and 6th, a dentist appointment and my daughter's appointments to do before the 12th (teacher work days).  It's going to get crazy now! 

I was laying in bed the other night, not able to sleep, in pain, but thinking about all the stuff I needed to do for school.  It was all I could do to not cry.  I've wanted to do that a lot lately.  Must be the anesthesia!  That stuff does a number on me.  But I figure, I can only do what I can do.  I am thinking that having to have this surgery was my body's way of telling me to rest and relax a bit before things get crazy.  So I will.  I am trying to take things a little at a time, rest when I need to and do what I can. 

So with that, I'm going to go read a book!  Happy Saturday! 


Made it...now recovery

I was home today by 1:30.  My surgery was pushed up again, so I was home earlier than we thought.  Gilly is out and won't cause me any more issues.  I guess it was more pissed off than we thought, so good thing it's out!  

Now to recover.  I feel like I've been hit by a truck.  Tired and sore.  Hurts to breath, move and lay down.  But, the Vicodin will kick in soon, so I should be able to sleep a bit.  I've got to get up and walk to get all the air out they put in you.  I picture looking like the girl from Willy Wonka.  I doubt I was blue, tho.  

It's done, it's over and now I can focus on resting and getting back to normal.  But now I see why they say it'll take 7-10 days to recover.  Holy cow!  


Total Panic Mode

Well, the title says it all.  I'm in full blown panic mode.  And I can't seem to do anything to help it get better!  

Tomorrow is my surgery day.  I'm nervous for it.  I won't lie.  Not looking forward to the whole thing.  I've freaked myself out over it (naturally), but am trying to remain cool and calm (on the outside).  I had to go do all my pre-op stuff this morning at the hospital and it took longer than I had hoped.  But it's done.  And by this time tomorrow, I should be close to coming home and going to bed.  I've just got to make it through the next 24 hours and I will be good!  

I stopped by school today to check out my room.  Unfortunately, it hasn't been cleaned at all, so I can't get things set up.  I forgot how clean I had left my room, so that made me feel a little better.  I have moved stuff from one side of the room to the other and I didn't organize my books at all, but that can wait.  Otherwise it's just all the stuff that can't be done until the room is cleaned, the materials arrive and I am feeling better again.  I'm hoping to be able to go in by Aug. 1 and get things organized and set up!  

Wile at work, I got my class list.  I so far have 24 kids, which is the most I've ever had on my list.  It's better than the 27 they are projecting.  My friend has 26 on her list, while the other 2 have 21 and 22.  I don't really want them moving kids around to even it out right now, especially since there are some who were supposed to be me with me (retainees).  One of the teacher who has 21 will, for sure, be fighting to get the classes evened out before day 1.  I see a mountain of crap coming our way!  

But, until I can go back to school, I have to be at the mercy of email and just see what happens.  Here's to an quick and easy recovery so I can get back on with life and forget this little hiccup ever happened!  


Crunch Time

OK people!  I have 4 days to get it all done!  YIKES!!!!!  My surgery is scheduled for Tuesday AFTERNOON at 1.  Like in nothing to eat all day.  Oh my!  What am I gonna do?  (Well, I know panic and freak out are on the list, but...)

So, I went to the surgeon yesterday and will have Gilly (my sister named my gallbladder) removed.  I should feel so much better after that.  Or at least after the pain of being poked and probed and prodded and cut goes away.  Not gonna lie...not really liking this whole idea of surgery.  But I've done it before, so I will be fine.  I just wish they would have done it on Monday when I was already in the ER and a bit doped up!  Oh well!  At least they got me in fairly quick and I *should* be recovered by the time school starts. 

But then there's that word - SCHOOL!  I'm not ready!  At all.  I've got little things started here and there, but nothing is done.  Set.  Complete.  And now it's time to PANIC!!!!  The other night I laid in bed and couldn't get to sleep.  I was thinking about all the things I needed to do for school and at home and outside.  I won't have time to get them all done.  I've been too busy enjoying summer (is that possible?) to worry about work.  And it's coming back to haunt me!  So I've got to get my butt in gear and see what I can get done. 

So, here's my 4 day plan:

1. Organize my office - I have some things to put up and away.  Need to get that done today. 

2. Print so I can laminate like a fool.  I figure I can lay in bed and cut out laminating.  I just need to get my things completed and printed so I can get the laminating done so I have something to cut. 

3. Organize my reading materials.  Let's face it...I'm going to be in bed/on the couch and you can only watch so much TV.  I started a new book the other night and I bought the new Danielle Steel book the other day.  I'm set there, plus I have a pile of magazines and catalogs to go through!

4. Clean the fridge.  Anyone hate that job as much as I do?  Hubby has so much in there that goes to waste.  I haven't been cooking this week (I can't eat much, so cooking isn't much fun) and all the stuff hubby bought last week is on my no-no list for now.  :(  I open the fridge and my yogurt just stares at me.  :( 

5. Spend some extra cuddle time with my daughter.  She will be going to my parents for a few days, so I won't be able to see her.  :(  She's wanting to go there for like a week.  I'm thinking 3 days should be good! 

Well, I should get started.  Let's see if I get as much done as I am hoping to!  Happy Friday!


Foward movement stalled

On Sunday, I felt so productive.  I had typed up all 38 of my weekly poems and printed them out for next year, put them in order in my binder and finished that part of my yearly plan.  I had big plans to get some stuff done on Monday, but life decided to throw me a HUGE curveball. 

At about 1:30 am, I woke up in pain.  But not just any pain, pain that was almost worse than childbirth!  Well, labor anyway.  I laid/walked/stood/crouched in any position possible to try to get comfortable and go to sleep to no avail.  Finally at 4:30 I woke my hubby up and told him I didn't feel well.  By 5:00 we were up and getting my daughter up and out of the house to go to the hospital.  By 5:20 we were checked in to the ER at the hospital. 

Unknown to me, my gallbladder decided to revolt against me.  Some lovely pain medication later and I was feeling no pain.  An ultrasound revealed that I had gallstones and they were angry.  We were discharged by 9am and then I came home to crash.  I slept all day on Monday and a good chunk of the day on Tuesday.  I don't handle medication well, so it kicks my butt!  I had big plans and haven't been able to get anything done.  Today I spent the day deep cleaning my bedroom and bathroom, seeing as how that will probably be my home for the next week or so coming up.  Looks like I will get to have surgery before I go back to work.  Just how I wanted to spend my last 3 weeks of vacation.  I will see the surgeon tomorrow and then go from there.  One doctor I called could do it Aug. 9, but I am supposed to be at work Aug. 12.  Um, not gonna work!  And, I'd like to get it done while my parents are still in the country.  The leave on Aug. 8 to go visit my sister in Japan.  I'm counting on them to watch my daughter for a couple days so I can heal and not have to be mommy. 

Looking back, I have been having some smallish attacks, but didn't want to admit anything was wrong.  I wanted to chalk it up to anything else but needing surgery.  But I need to put my big girl panties on and just do it.  Everyone says I will feel better and I definitely don't want another attack.  I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.  It was horrible!  Until I get it taken care of, I am on a diet - a BLAND diet.  No cheese, very limited dairy (like cereal only) and nothing fried.  So now, of course, all I want is a grilled cheese and broccoli cheese soup from Panera.  Hubby says that ain't gonna happen until I get my gallbladder taken out! 

I will see tomorrow what the doctor says.  I went to Lakeshore today and bought what I needed for school.  I also ran to Wal-Mart and got a couple other things I thought I would need.  I'm hoping that if I am down and out for a bit, I won't have to bust my butt to play catch up.  I figure a couple days in bed, then I can be up and working in the office on the computer getting some stuff done.  My fear is that they will schedule it too close to going back to school.  I've missed the first day once and it's no fun.  I don't want to miss another first day.  Hubby says he gets to have a say in this, but I'm not so sure!  :) 

Guess I shouldn't worry until I know more tomorrow, but if you knew me, you know that won't happen!  I didn't get the nickname "WorryWart" for nothing!  :)


What I do in my room: Poetry

I've decided to write some posts about what I do in my classroom.  I'm hoping one person gets an idea from it and it's a great way for me to lay it all out for myself, too! 

One thing I have been doing for at least 12 years is a weekly poem.  It started out small and has evolved over the years.  In college, my professor made us all make a poetry file.  I probably moaned and groaned about it since poetry wasn't my thing.  I remember we had to have all different types of poetry and I didn't know squat about poetry.  I didn't know what the different kinds were and I sure didn't want to analyze a poem.  But, I did my assignment, turned in it, got an A and then packed it away.  I think somewhere I still have it.  Maybe. 

Anyway, during my second or third year teaching, I started to put up some poems to go with whatever it was we were talking about.  In fact, my first poem I put up for my kids was one I wrote.  It was very short and simple, but it was easy for the kids to read and it was in my comfort zone.  I still use that poem now, although the kids laugh at my art work!  I started adding more and more poems to my collection.  I tried to do poems that went with the season rather than content area.  Some will disagree with me, but I like being able to bring in other things to my day that I may not have a lot of time for, but still make the kids feel like we are having fun talking about pumpkins (when in fact we don't spend a lot of time on pumpkins, but they don't know that!). 

A year or 2 later, I had enough poems for the whole year.  I would write them on chart paper and then put them up for the week.  On Fridays, I would copy the page for the kids to illustrate and then they would put them in their poem folders.  As the years have come and gone, I have stopped using some poems, have found new ones and in fact, have written many of the poems we use during the year.  I never imagined writing poems, but I like it and in fact, I get mad when I can't think of something!

Here's how my poems work:
Monday:  I introduce the poem to the kids and read it to them one time through while they listen.  Then we read it together 2 more times.  We discuss what the poem is talking about. 

Tuesday: Read through the poem 2-3 times together.  Then I read it in smaller chunks and have the students find the words that rhyme.  Sometimes we go through and find the rhyming words and then figure out more words that rhyme. 

Wednesday: Read through 2-3 times.  Then we go through word by word and figure out the number of syllables in each word.  This skill starts off slow, but then once they get it, they've got it! 

Thursday: Read 2-3 times.  Then we go through word by word and look at vowels.  It could be as simple as asking them what the vowels are in the words, what the vowel sound is, long/short, etc. 

Friday: Pass out a copy of the poem.  Students read it aloud.  Glue into their poem book and illustrate it. 

By the end of the year, students could have 38 poems in their books.  They can pull them out and read them when they have time.  Normally they don't pull them out til Fridays after they have put their new poem in.  Then they love reading all the poems from earlier in the year.  I think it's a good way for the kids to read and see that reading is more than just in a book.  I incorporate the poetry time in the morning with our opening.  We do it every day right after calendar and before our read aloud time. 

Today, I can cross one thing off my summer to-do list!  I re-typed all my poems so I can save paper next year.  They will printed 2 to a page and then glued into a spiral notebook.  For the last 14 years I have used a 3-prong paper folder to put them in.  But they are a lot of work for the kids (and me) and I wanted something easier.  So, we will see how this goes.  I'm hoping that it will be quick and easy.  I think I will make one with the kids this year.  I have never illustrated the poems before, yet I ask my kids to do it.  Guess I should walk the walk this year! 

Well, it's time for me to go.  I've been on the computer forever today and I's tired of sitting.  Time to do something else!  Happy Sunday! 


Time to get serious!

And I mean really serious!  This summer is flying by and it will be August here before I know it!  I am starting to stress a little due to the fact that I haven't done much and I have 3 more weeks to get it done before I have meetings and other crap that will occupy my last week of vacation.  :( 

But I can't complain.  I have had a great summer so far.  Started off in Alaska on a cruise.  Then we were home for about 2 weeks and then we were gone again.  We went to the river for 4th of July and then my daughter and I took a mommy-daughter road trip to Arizona.  We got back on Thursday afternoon and spent yesterday starting my spring summer cleaning.  Today I would have liked to do more, but hubby needed to go shopping for a new computer, so off we went to San Diego.  That was an all day event that took more time that I would have liked.  And now it's 8:00 at night and I have no desire to do anything! 

My piles are getting larger with school stuff - ideas, supplies and random things I have been printing off of Pinterest.  Between hubby and I, we hit up Staples about 5 times this week to stock up on glue sticks.  We ended up buying other random stuff, too.  I think I am now the proud owner of 120 pencil cap erasers.  But for a penny a pack, you can't pass them up.  Now I just have to use them this year!  I figure we will be going to Staples on a regular basis from now til the end of August.  I need to go to Walmart and get my spiral notebooks, but they will always have those.  I think they went up to 17 cents this year - the things I use all the time always go up year after year.  Too bad our pay doesn't do the same! 

I think my goal for the next 30 minutes is to work on my year plan.  I have it outlined and mostly done, but I need to add in some other touches and get that into the final phase.  Then I can start planning - or at least get my plan book made and start filling in the weeks and dates.  I made my plan book last year like one I saw on Pinterest
I used the Post-Its last year, but I think this year I will just use the paper and the lines I draw.  I bought a bunch of colored pens to use for the different subjects.  We'll see how it goes.  I will take a pic when I actually do mine and see how I like it.  I need to draw my lines and then decide what goes where.  In the end, I may end up with Post-Its again! 

Well, it's been a long week.  Time to get one thing accomplished before it's lazy time! 


Where does the time go?

Holy Moses!  It's already July!  I can't believe how fast the summer has flown by.  I told myself I wouldn't start working on school stuff until July 1.  That didn't happen this year.  I have been working on little things here and there, but nothing major.  I just haven't made the time to sit at the computer and work.  It's much nicer sitting on the couch reading or watching TV.  But, crap...I need to get serious!  It'll be August before I know it! 

But, there will be no work for this girl any time soon.  We are leaving tonight to go to the river for the weekend.  It'll be nice and hot, just like it is at home.  But up there, there is a river we can go sit in with all the other people.  We will come home on Sunday (like everyone else) and then my daughter and I are leaving on Monday to go to Arizona for a couple of days.  I promised her I would take her to Bearizona for her birthday.  So we will have a quick little mother-daughter trip.  When we get back, July will be a third of the way over.  NO WAY! 

I've been trying to cram in all the visits that need to be made.  Doctors appointments, dentist appointments.  All scheduled and getting done slowly.  Too bad they don't go along with my schedule.  Sometimes it would be nice to be able to do things on the schedule of medical professionals - you need something from me?  I seem to have an opening in October.  Will that work?  But no, we are not lucky like that.  You need something from me?  Yesterday?  OK, I will have it this afternoon! 

For my weekend of relaxation and sun, I have packed some reading materials.  I have 2 books for enjoyment and 2 books for deeper reading.  I finally found (they weren't lost, but I misplaces them in my house) my Daily 5 book and The Book Whisperer.  I am going to start reading those as well.  I really want to give Daily 5 a go this year, I just need to figure it out.  I even brought along a notebook to take notes and plan some things out.  Now the test will be to see if I even do any of it! 

Well my friends, I am off to finish packing, run to the store and see what else I need for the weekend.  Once hubby gets home from work, we are out of here!  Happy 4th of July!