Two More Days and then Vacay!!!!!!!!!!!

It's been forever.  And I am wiped out!  The end of the year has kicked my butt and I am ready for a nap.  Everyday at like 10am, I feel it should be nap time.  But, it's not.  Instead, I am trying to keep my kiddos busy til that last bell rings on Wednesday. 

My kids did well this year.  They aren't as high as students in the past, but they will be able to hold their own in 2nd and do well.  They are loving, caring and eager to learn.  I hope they stay that way.  It seems our students get a bit off track sometime in 2nd or 3rd grade.  Students who were well behaved with us end up being the worst behaved children at the school.  I don't get it.  And it worries me with some of my kids.  I can see them go down the wrong path.  :( 

It's official...we will be a grade level of 4!  The one who caused us so much grief and heartache earlier this year will be in second.  She is getting to keep *most* of her kids.  Her behavior problems will of course be going to other teachers.  Honestly, her class is out of control this year and I am glad that my students won't be dealing with that next year.  The downside to this is that we will have 27 next year.  That's a whole lot of kids, especially since I had 22 all year this year.  I'm going to miss my small class.  :(  But I will NOT miss the chaos that we had this year with the drama queen.  :)

Come Thursday afternoon, I will lock my door for the last time this year.  Yeah, I will be back in the summer on and off to do random things in my room.  But come Friday morning, I will be on a plane heading for Seattle.  We are going on a cruise to Alaska on Monday.  We've never been and I am super excited to go.  My daughter can't wait to go on a cruise (she's never been) and we are taking her on the Disney cruise.  I am so ready to be on vacation, see something new and be away from home for awhile.  It will be a nice way to start the summer! 

Well, I am one tired momma tonight.  It was a long weekend and I am ready for some sleep.  Busy day tomorrow with field day and being in the sun.  Better go and rest up!  Happy end of the year! 

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