One thing leads to another

I had every intention of working on stuff for school today.  It hasn't happened yet.  The day isn't over, but I don't see myself getting to the computer today (I'm on the iPad right now enjoying a cool summer day...it'll be over 100 by the end of the week!).  I worked harder than I had planned, but I got stuff done!

I got up like I have been doing and went to work on the ever present weeds in the front yard.  I got the last little section taken care of (the ones I had planned to do, anyway), and then was going to be done for the day and work on my summer cleaning inside.  But then somehow I ended up in the backyard.  More specifically, my patio.  It was a disaster!  It had been ignored and my chickens decided to make it their new home.  You can imagine what 4-12 chickens can do to a patio!  So, I came out to clean up a little.  Well a little turned into a lot!  There are things thrown away (shhhh....don't tell my hubby!), things put away, things that still need a new home - mine or someone else's - and it's that are still waiting for me to figure out what to do with them.  The patio table and chairs got a good scrubbing, the leaves and cobwebs have been vacuumed up and the grass area has been blown clean.  And now I'm tired!  

Ad after all that, I went out to try to corral the chickens back into their pen.  I see one out now - darn little bird!  I want them to stay in their area and stop pooping in my patio!  Tonight hubby is supposed to finish fixing the problem with more netting.  Chickens can't fly, but they can jump pretty high!  Sneaky little buggers!  I went out to the chickens, gathered the eggs, raked up their mess and then decided to call it a day.  For most people at 5:15, they'd start making dinner.  Not me!  Hubby has appointments til almost 7, so dinner will be made later.  I'm thinking a nice hot shower is in my future!  

While I didn't get anything done for school, I did get something accomplished today!  And I have my ideas written down and actually have something in the works.  It's only one thing...my brain can't think of more than one thing right now...I'm on summer mode!  

Happy Monday!  I have a very busy week ahead and a lot of things on my to do list.  Lets hope I can get it all done!  

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