On a roll?!

Wow!  Two posts in two days!  Amazing what happens when the stresses of work are gone.  I now have the stresses of home, but that's a different kind of stress, like what time should I get up?  What should I work on outside today?  And the big one, what should we eat for lunch today!  I can handle these stresses!  :) 

I felt very accomplished yesterday.  I got up relatively early, worked outside for a bit on the weeds, worked on cleaning my mini-hoarder's room, cleaned my office and got a couple things started for next year.  Amazing what happens when you put your mind to something.  Today is no different.  I was back outside this morning, though later than yesterday.  I stayed up too late reading last night and then was awake too early this morning.  My daughter and I got her room almost cleaned, or at least as clean as it's going to be for now!  She has so much crap and isn't willing to part with 99.99% of it.  That's her hoarder part...and she's only 7!  Heaven help me! 

I've been saying it for a year+ now, but I am going to finally start reading The Daily 5.  I might start today even!  I want to try it next year.  I figure now is as good a time as any.  We will be knee deep in Common Core and we have been given the green light to try new things and see what works.  We'll see how long that lasts.  And, our daily schedule has changed a bit, so I feel like I will have more time.  We'll see how it actually works out.  If it goes according to my plan, I will have an hour or more between recess and lunch to do groups and centers.  I have been trying to cram it all in to 30 minutes.  60 seems so much nicer.  I *think* I will go for the gusto and see what happens.  Only time will tell!  If you have any words of wisdom, please pass it on! 

I feel much more relieved in knowing we will be a team of 4 next year.  The teacher who caused so much stress and sadness and madness was moved to second grade.  I think it will be best for all involved.  She gets to keep about 15 of her kids that she has had since Kindergarten and she got to farm out the kids she didn't want to keep.  Perfect for her!  She gets to stay in her classroom and keep all the materials she has gathered over the years with 1st grade money.  But, the best benefit is that she won't be with us!  She will be working with 2nd grade and have nothing to do with us!  I can't tell you how relieved I am.  It's been a long 5 years with her.  I'm glad it is coming to an end.  Hopefully we can make good ground as a grade level again and really work together on figuring out Common Core and how to make it work for our kids. 

Well, it looks like lunch time is calling my name!  Happy Friday! 

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