I'm still here!!!!

Not sure if anyone still checks in to my blog or not, but I am still here!  I had lost my mojo for a bit (which happened a lot this last year), but I am getting it back!  Summer vacation is here, I am home all day with my daughter and I am trying to relax and enjoy the freedom that no work has to offer!  In fact, we just got back from a glorious cruise to Alaska on Monday!  It was a great vacation with fantastic weather (I packed for cold, not warm weather) full of new and exciting experiences (I went in a helicopter for the first time, went dog-sledding on a glacier, held glacier ice that has now melted, saw humpback whales breech in the middle of the ocean and saw Orcas!) that I was able to enjoy with my family.  It was the best way to start summer vacation and we were all sad to see it end.  But, vacations can't last forever and there are things to do at home! 

By the end of the year, I was not creative at all.  I had ideas for next year, but didn't want to think about them.  I had big plans to start things, but decided against them.  I had even told myself I would wait til July 1 to think of school.  Well, that lasted 2 days of being home from vacation.  I was working on cleaning my office at home and started organizing some things I had lying around.  I have also been on Pinterest a lot these last 2 days and that has sparked some desire to start planning for school.  Again, I was going to wait, but then I got motivated and realized that I am supposed to be teaching Common Core and I need to start looking at it and getting ready!  I'm not a fan of change, so it's going to take me a while to get into the groove. 

I did manage to do a couple things today to get me started for next year:
* I printed out a calendar and started to fill in the dates of things I know for sure.  Never too early to be prepared!
* I made my to-do list of things to try and make or find for next year!
* I started organizing my papers for my teacher binder for the year.  I'm normally very organized, but this last year I was not.  I was sad about it.  This year, I will be more organized and back to my normal self!  :) 
* I did one thing on my to-do list!  It was an idea I had rolling around in my head for the beginning of the year.  I know that number sense has never been a strong skill that the kids have coming in from Kinder.  And I know it's a biggie in Common Core.  So, I figured I would make a review/teaching page for each number, 1-30.  It covers writing the numeral, the word, drawing a picture for the number, making tally marks, showing the number on a 10 frame and finding the number in a group.  I figure this will take them a couple minutes each day, but it will be a good review for the kids.  I posted it in my TPT store.  I have a new goal to post 1 item each month, hopefully more.  For some, that is nothing, but for me, it's a lot!  If you'd like to check it out, click on the little number guy below and head over to my store! 
I will give away a packet to the first 2 people to leave a comment on my blog!  Just leave me your e-mail address so I know where to send it!  :)
Now I am off to have a productive night of doing who knows what!  


  1. Welcome back! Awesome vacation!

    keitadonna (at) hotmail (dot) com

  2. Sounds like you had an awesome vacation! I totally understand losing your mojo. It happened to me a lot last school year as well! It is tough sometimes to convince myself to blog even though I may want to! Enjoy your summer and happy organizing! :)

    Oceans of Fun in Grade 1!