Just trying to reach the end of the year

Happy Mother's Day!  It's been a great day for me and my little family.  I like days like this - a little family time, a little R&R time, what more could a mommy want?  I saw my parents, my brother and my grannie today, so it was a great day.  We hung out, ate KFC for lunch (no cooking for anyone!) and played some dominoes.  Always fun to get playing games and see the dark sides come out in family members!  :) 

We have 4 more weeks of school left.  And it's all I can do to not just totally throw in the towel.  I am done.  Well done.  Tired (exhausted is more like it), cranky and a whole lot of unmotivation.  Not sure if that's a real word, but that's how I'm feeling.  We have Open House this week, so I am trying to get "it" all done before the big night.  Top that off with family obligations, weekend trips and I am one tired girl.  It's all self inflicted, but I am trying to have more "fun" in life and this is all part of it.  I'll remember that next week when I get to work on Tuesday and am exhausted!  We are going to Vegas this weekend and then my daughter has a field trip on Monday.  I am taking the day off to be with her for her field trip.  I am always hesitant to take a day off, but I am never hesistant to be there for her.  Hubby wishes I was the same for him!  :) 

The drama is never ending this year.  It looks like we will have to lose a teacher at our school.  We are the only grade level with a different number of teachers.  So someone will have to go.  It'll end up being the teacher who caused so much drama at the beginning of the year with our grade level.  She can bump one teacher out of their position (due to seniority) or go to another school.  It has happened to be before and it's not fun.  I was the bumpee, not the bumper.  I could have bumped someone else, but I didn't want to teach 4th grade and I felt sorry for the teacher.  She was a brnad new teacher at the time and loved her 4th graders.  So I went to a new school (I was only there for 6 weeks before being able to go back) and had to deal with being the "new girl" there.  No situation like that is good, but I think in the long run, it will be better for our grade level if it all goes according to plan.  It means we will have 28 kids next year (up from 22-23 this year!!!) and be trying to implement common core as best we can.  It's gonna be a challenging year, I think, but we can do it! 

With the next 4 weeks (or 17 days), I have ALL my assessing to do on my kids, teaching to still do to keep them occupied, 2 days out of the classroom, forming classes for next year, report cards and probably a million other things to do.  No wonder I am stressed out and overwhelmed.  I will be so glad when June 5 is here and the kids are gone.  I love my kids, but I am ready for them to move on.  They've worked hard, made good growth and are ready to learn something new from someone else!  I will have a bunch of new little brains to fill next year and I need my rest, relaxation and motivation to be ready for August!  :)

Here's to another busy, HOT, great week!  Happy Sunday!

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  1. Hi Kristen,
    I just got your message/comment. Oh my goodness - I wish you would've said hi that would've been sooo cool. How small of a world do we live in huh? I'm so sorry your little one got sick...no fun. I'm sure it was from the heat. My son threw up on Mother's Day eve from being in the heat all day but was fine after that. Hope she feels better soon. HUGS!!