Not enough time in the day!

Every day I think I should blog.  And then I go to bed and realize it's one of the many things I didn't get done.  Oh well!  I don't get paid for blogging, so it's OK.  Otherwise,  I wouldn't be able to live! 

Since I've last blogged, I have had the week before Spring Break, Spring Break and then have been back to work and took a day off to go out of town.  Crazy how fast the time has gone.  I wish it was going faster though.  I am done with this year.  I really like my class, but the drama we had this year made the year not so fun.  And the drama continues, just on a smaller scale or in other areas of the staff.  I am ready for June 5th to be here so I can give my kids a final hug and be done!  Ready to start thinking about next year.  Really.  I am. 

I had hoped to be productive over Spring Break, but it didn't happen.  I cleaned a bit inside and outside.  I helped hubby at his office, I showed a friend the wonders of Pinterest and I fought mad crowds at Legoland.  Then I ended the week with a date day with the hubby and Easter at my parents.  Then it was back to work with the crazy, sugar-filled kids the day after Easter.  Crazy!  But, it's one week closer to the end. 

During Spring Break, I discovered Mad Men.  I know.  I must have been living under a rock.  But there is a big, long story about how I discovered the show.  One that makes me blush and turn bright red.  And my hubby likes to tell anyone who will listen why I wanted to watch it.  If you haven't seen it, google it!  I started watching it on Netflix and am now in Season 2.  Of course Season 6 started today, but I will just be behind.  No point in getting ahead of myself! 
Last week, my daughter went with my parents camping for the week.  It's more like glamping, as they have a huge trailer that is for R&R rather than playing and getting dirty.  My trailer can fit into theirs and there would still be room to live!  But I like my little home away from home.  In fact, hubby and I took off Friday and went to the Kern River to meet up with my family, spend the weekend there and bring my baby home!  It was a nice, relaxing time and we will be able to go any weekend we want til October.  We decided to leave our trailer there for the summer.  Ahhhh, is it summer yet? 
We got home late this afternoon and I whipped up some centers for my kiddos this week.  I have a few that dive right in and want to complete them all since that is what I would like them to do.  I swear I would teach 50 kids if they were all perfect like a couple I have.  One reminded me 10 times on Thursday that I needed to make the centers for Monday, since he did them all. So, I busted some out!  They are an animal theme to go with our science unit.  You can check them out here at my TPT store.  Easy!  You can also click on the adorable girrafe to take you to the page.  Check them out...lots of cute stuff! 
Well, it's officially back to school time.  Time to go argue with my baby to get her to go to bed.  Back to reality for her.  She has 7 more weeks til the end of the year.  Me?  9.  Not fair!  But, we will all be in Alaska in 10 short weeks!  That's what I have to look forward to!  Happy Sunday!  

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