Sometimes life can't get much better

Living in Southern California has its advantages and disadvantages.  We had a lot of traffic, a lot of people and screwed up politics.  But, we also have the beach, the mountains, the desert and everything in between.  And on days like today, we have wonderful weather!  Bright, sunny blue skies, a slight breeze and warm air.  And by warm, I mean warm.  It was 94* today.  And it felt wonderful.  Yeah, there are people complaining that it's too hot (my hubby is one of them), but I love it.  I just love standing in the sun, feeling it warm me up from my head to my toes.  Perfect.  The only thing to make it better would have been to be at home working in the yard, trying to get a tan.  But, I was at work, keeping the crazy away! 

Today was a much better day than yesterday.  The cops didn't have to come to school.  No one that I know of got bit or punched or kicked on the playground and the kids all seemed relatively mellow.  Not bad considering they all have spring fever now.  Last week it was cold and rainy, this week is like summer.  Gotta love mother nature!  She sure knows how to drive us nuts.

With my RTI group, I gave them this little activity to do.  They had to make as many words as they could using the letters in the word rainbow.  Some kids had a blast while others really struggled.  I have the "highs", which is really a couple of highs with a lot of "average" kids mixed in.  There is one who is really struggling to "get it" and may have to spend the rest of the year in the group a level down.  She is a retainee who is being passed by all the others in the group.  It makes me sad, but her mom is now in denial that she is low.  She was in denial at the end of last year, thought she would catch up over the summer, but in fact came in lower than when school ended.  So, she's with me, has made good progress, but is hitting the wall.  But, I digress.  Anyway, my kids had to make words with the letters in rainbow.  They were impressed when they got 10 words.  I made 33 words and then time ran out!  You can get this fun time filler here.

Well, I'm off to watch Big Bang Theory and grade papers.  I haven't looked at their work this week...I might as well do it tonight finally and get rid of it all tomorrow!  Happy Friday eve!  

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