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Holy cow!  It's already been a long week and it's only Tuesday!  The wonderfully warm weather we have been having has made the kids 100 kinds of crazy.  We have bad words flying around, kids hitting and kicking each other and driving everyone crazy!  I love spring, but it sure makes the kids go nuts.  I'm sure we will have another cold spell or 2 before summer comes, but for now, we will enjoy the warm weather and try to contain the crazy. 

In my RTI group, we are talking about rainbows this week.  Why not!  It's almost St. Patrick's Day.  I didn't want to do a lot of leprechauny stuff, so I thought rainbows would be fun.  They are, but I have ZERO books on rainbows.  Nothing!  And neither does the library.  I should have checked it out before Monday morning.  Oops!  But we will survive! 

I made a quick, little fact/opinion page for my kids to use tomorrow.  Hopefully they will enjoy it.  If you'd like it, you can go check it out right here

I also created some fun little literacy centers for my kids this week for St. Patrick's Day.  They are free in my TpT store.  Go check them out today!  
Time to head off to sleep.  I am exhausted and just walked in the door from Girl Scouts.  Time for some R&R and try to catch up on my lost sleep!  Happy Tuesday! 

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