I love spring...just not allergies

My favorite season is spring.  I love it.  I love seeing the trees with their new leaves.  I love seeing my irises pop out.  I love hearing the birds chirping like crazy.  I love the warm (or hot) sun beating down on me.  I don't care at all, though, for the allergies/colds that come with spring.  In fact, I hate them.  Which is how I am feeling about tonight.  I started getting a head cold type thing last night and have had a headache all day.  It didn't stop me from working outside and getting my first sunburn of the season, but it hit me like a truck tonight.  I am so ready to go to bed, but at the same time, I feel too icky to go to bed.  Does that make sense?

I am glad that spring break is almost here.  One more week until we are on vacation.  We only have 1 week, but it's better than nothing!  I am looking forward to getting some much needed spring cleaning done at home and even at work.  Nothing beats working in my classroom when the kids are gone!  Plus, I have tons of weeds growing in my yard and some flower bulbs that needed to be planted a few weeks ago. 

I created a new unit for my kids for literacy centers.  My kids are still doing their seatwork before moving on, but I am slow to change.  Maybe next year!  I still need to read Daily 5 before doing anything drastic for me.  But the kids that really love centers really love centers.  They start to compete to see who can get them done the quickest, while still be done correctly!  They did some St. Patrick's Day centers last week and will now have some spring centers to choose from this week.  They are new to my TPT store if you are interested.  Go ahead and check them out.  Click on the cute little girl below to see the new centers as well as check out what else is available. 
Well, it's now Sunday night and I started this last night.  Allergies/cold have kicked my butt.  I was not productive today, other than taking my daughter to Build a Bear for Girl Scouts.  Other than that, I have been pretty out of it.  So, I'm off to bed to fall into an allergy pill induced sleep.  Or that's the plan anyway!  Happy Sunday!

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  1. Your blog is so cute! You have some really great ideas. I am a California blogger as well and your newest follower.

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