Well, I was on a good roll, posting 2 days in a row, then life happened. And it bums me out and makes me frustrated. I just gotta keep going, and take small baby steps.

On Thursday night, I had a 5 hour webinar to be a trained Girl Scout leader. My daughter is in Girl Scouts and our troop is kind of a nightmare. We don't have good organization and the best plans are often put to the side. I planned to just be a co-leader, but now my mind is racing...could I do my own troop? Do I want to? I do, but I don't want to deal with the money! That's a nightmare to me! I don't like dealing with money. I like to spend it, but that's it. Don't ask me to pay the bills and keep it all organized...that's hubby's job! :). We'll see how this all goes!

While I was doing my training, sitting on my computer for 5 hours, I had planned to get some work done, but I couldn't as I was trying to pay attention and learn something. But, I was sitting in the office thinking it smelled like a hamster cage. Hubby said the dog ( who is old and fat, but we love him!) peed on the carpet. I figured that was the case, since he is a stay inside dog who doesn't go outside if he isn't forced. But on Friday and Saturday, it was still wet no matter how much we tried to sop it up. So yesterday, we got the crazy idea to rip up the carpet and put down wood floors. Well, little did we know it wasn't the dog, but a water leak. Now we get to find out where. So, our whole office is scattered around the house, computers unhooked and complete chaos. Now we wait for the plumber to come and find the leak, wait to hear the damage and them wait to see how much work they will have to do - replace the subfloor, the drywall, my desk that broke and all the crap I had to throw away that was wet. It was a dirty mess. Yuck! Put me in a funk yesterday. I have no way to print now, no way to get things done for school that I need my computer for. Not good at all. But, I will survive and the kids will learn regardless of the fact that my computer is in a pile!

Well, the plumber is here, I have a huge hole in my wall and still don't know where the leak is. We do know its still leaking, as there is more water on my floor that used to have carpet. Ugh! This is the part of owning a home I hate. Luckily we have insurance!

Luckily for me, today is the opening race of NASCAR and at this moment, my driver is #2! Yah, there are still over 100 laps left, but better than being out! :). Go Jimmie!

Time for me to do something - lesson plans, cleaning or feeling sorry for our house! Happy Sunday!


  1. Sorry about your water leak. Go for the Girl Scout Leader Position. I was a leader the whole time my 2 girls were in scouts and I don't regret one second of it. In fact I really miss those days (they are both grown now.) If your husband will ~ try to recruit him to be in charge of the troop's money. Its a nice little way he can help out and you can do the rest of the work! Be sure to take your girls camping! Have Fun!!!!!!!
    First Grade Carousel

  2. You've sure had a lot of "life" get in the way! Hope this week is easier. Enjoy the 500! Don't hate me, I'm a Kyle Busch fan. Hopefully one of us wins today! Take care.
    First Grade Found Me