Two in a Row!

Wow! Two posts in two days...did hell freeze over? It's quite possible it did, as its really cold, but nope. I have a few moments to type tonight!

I copied all my notes from my CCSS meeting yesterday. Everyone seemed to like all the notes but they are just as overwhelmed as I am. My principal sent a nice note to some of the biggies at the district thanking me for taking such good notes and being ready and willing to jump into something new with an open mind. Made me feel good.

We also had our planning meeting for literacy night. We are scheduled to do it next Thursday night, as long as we have more people who sign up. A whole 4 people came to our meeting. :(. It makes me sad that teachers will complain that their kids can't read/won't read/hate reading, yet the teachers can't be bothered to come out and do something for literacy night. Last year we had 7 teachers participate. 7 teachers who bothered to take the time out of life to get kids into reading. And we wonder why the kids aren't excited about reading. I think it's sad, but I don't know how to get more teachers involved. I even heard a teacher say that they already did their 2 nights, so they don't have to do literacy night. I always sign up for literacy night and in fact am now the chairperson for the committee! I should have tried harder, but I don't know what more I could do to get people excited about reading for one night a year. So, we will do what we can with what we got and hope for the best. And then we can listen to the parents complain that the school down the road does a big, fabulous reading night where there are like 500 people that show up and all the teachers are there. Some day, maybe, when the others decide it's important.

Happy Thursday!

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