What we did last week and a Freebie!

This last week ended much better than I had expected.  My kids have been a bit crazy the last 2 weeks and we haven't been able to get as much accomplished as I had hoped.  We ended the week well and got a lot done on Friday.  In fact, it was like Christmas in my room.  We did project after project, it felt like the week before vacation!  But it was fun and my room looks much better now! 

Our poem for the week was about a snowman.  To end it, we made snowmen on Friday morning.  I gave the kids 3 squares - a 6 inch, a 5 inch and a 4 inch.  They had to make the magic circle with it and then put their snowman together.  I think they turned out cute (the ones who got to make them, anyway...some kids think they don't have to do homework, so they don't get to have fun anymore!). 

In Focus group, we were working with A Snowy Day, by Ezra Jack Keats.  We only had 3 days this week, so we had some fun!  We made the little snowglobes.  Some kids got into it, while others did all they could to be done with it!  They are cute, either way!

In math, we were practicing addition facts.  I had the kids make these little penguins with the fish.  I remember getting it last year, but I don't remember where I found it.  It's not mine, but it's cute!  :)

Finally, to end learning about penguins, we did these cute little tear art penguins.  I think they turned out good.  There is one buzzard in there, bless his heart!  Overall, not too bad! 

This coming week will be crazy! We have the 100th day of school on Friday along with Groundhog's Day. I love both of these days...I just wish they weren't on the same day. We will try to do stuff all week for both days, but it will be a fight to get it all in. I have all my Groundhog books out ready to go!  Plus, I have made a couple of little centers for my kids to do this week - an ABC Order center and a sentence scramble.  You can find them at my TeachersPayTeachers sight for free! 
Well, it's time to get my laminating on, get dinner made and get ready for the week!  It's gonna be chilly for us tomorrow (like 55, I know) so I gotta prepare for the chilly day!  But, here's to a great week with a lot of fun for me and my kids!  Happy Sunday! 

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