So far this week....

The first week back to school is kicking my butt! I am tired, and not feeling super accomplished. I don't like that feeling at all. It's been a strange week back. Looking forward to the weekend and ready to rest. And it's a 3 day weekend, so I can last the next 2 days!

Here is a rundown of the weirdness that has been my week:

* it hasn't been above freezing in the morning since last week. We've had nine days below freezing already. Last year we had 8 all year! Now it's 9 in 16 days. Remember, we live in sunny, So Cal!

* They replaced the wiring in our classrooms for the heat/AC. Mine didn't work. On Monday, my room was 42 when I got there. And it was 31 outside. Nowhere to go to be warm. Yesterday at one point, my room was 37 degrees and we had to go to another room. That's the second time I have had to go teach elsewhere when the heat/AC is broken. Not a productive day.

* My daughter has an abscess tooth. We had to go to the dentist on Monday night. Some antibiotics now and a baby root canal in 2 weeks. Poor baby. I feel awful, but she hasn't had any pain, so that is a blessing.

* A lot of my kids didn't do any reading over vacation, so now we are even more behind than when we left. I had higher expectations for them, but am disappointed. My kids who were good are still good, it some went way backwards. We have 90 days left to get them ready for second grade. I have got to rethink things and get everyone on the right track. 2 of my kids have already been retained, so we can't do that again. I guess testing for special Ed is the next step. And I don't know if they are truly special Ed or just left to be raised by wolves. It's sad that they are so little and are already so far behind. Bt, I know where they need to be and I am going to bust my butt to get them there, one way or another!

Well, dinner needs to be finished before I crash for the night. Happy Wednesday!

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