Productive day as long as you aren't my laundry!

There is nothing I hate more than laundry.  Hate it with all my might.  I like having clean clothes, but I hate folding it and putting away.  I have watched movies while folding laundry, and that's cool, but having to put it all away and fight with it, UGH! 

I should have done laundry today.  It's calling my name.  Can you hear it?  I can, but I just turn the TV or computer up louder to drown it out!  Instead today, I did school work!  And a lot of it!  I am planned for a good 2 weeks.  I might get a few more things done tomorrow to make it 3 weeks.  Who knows.  I thought I brought more home with me, but it's not here, so I can't get too far ahead in my planning.  I am excited to go back and start learning.  I have a couple new to me art projects I want to do with my kids next week to help make my room look nice again, along with a whole lot of teaching to do.  But, I'm getting ready!  And that's half the battle!

I was planning my math (for the next 5 weeks!) and updated my problem solving journals.  I read them over and they were OK, but needed some tweaking.  So I did!  We start with telling time when we come back, so I didn't make any journals for that one, seeing as how it's too hard to get them to draw a clock (I tried one year with an "artsy" class and it was a major fail.  With this group?  OMG!).  We will work on my Penguin Math problem solving for the next week while learning to tell time!  Then once we finish that unit, we will jump into Tens and Ones.  It's kind of a boring unit, ut maybe that will give us time to do some other fun things.  Like timed tests for adding and subtracting.  I'm way behind on those, like I haven't even started having my kids do them! 

Anyway, I tweaked my older units that I think I kept to myself!  One is for our math program for our topic on Tens and Ones and the other is for Valentine's Day!  Both are super cheap and can be found at my TpT store!  Click the pics below to get your own copy! 

Happy Tuesday!  I hope all those who are back to work had a great day!  And, if you are lucky enough to be on vacation, enjoy the rest of vacation!  

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  1. As long as everyone has at least one pair of clean underwear, it's all good. :)