Pics from the week

The title is really a tease, as there are only a couple of pictures from the week.  What I had intended to be a fun-filled week of activities turned into a not-so-fun filled week without a lot of activities.  Between students not returning their homework or progress reports, there were a lot of kids who didn't complete the activities.  And then, because Mother Nature is bi-polar, we went from being below freezing on Monday and Tuesday and just cold in the afternoons to being in the 70's and 80's by Thursday and Friday.  I think they rewired our rooms wrong, so we don't have the AC that turns on, so our rooms are stuffy.  By Friday afternoon, my kids were fried and so was I! 

We managed 2 whole projects - and one was with my RTI group, so they went home! 

For our Focus time, we were reading "My Snowman", from my packet I put together last week.  You can check it out here if you would like.  It was interesting to see who could read it and who couldn't.  It is a higher reading level, but I am supposed to have the "highs" for focus time.  On Friday, we decorated our snowmen.  It's amazing how little imagination some kids have or how hard of a time they have cutting.  I think we have made the standards too rigorous at times and students are missing out on basic skills like cutting and using their imagination.  Anyway, here are a couple of the snowmen they made last week!
In Language Arts this week, we were reading the story Me on the Map.  One of our sight words was house.  I had seen this project on Pinterest and then went to the teacher's website.  I loved looking at the art, but was shocked to see that she is in Greece.  The page was totally Greek!  Awesome ideas over there though!  MIne don't look as cute, but again, my kids had a hard time cutting the pieces and they have no concept of size.  Baby steps!  
I'm loving the fact that we have today off from school.  It was needed after last week.  I'm waiting now for hubby to come home and we are off to Carlsbad!  A little yummy pizza for lunch/dinner, some shopping and a possible stop along the beach to see the waves which are supposed to be big, which means they will be nothing or huge!  But, it's 70*+ in the middle of January, I have my flip flops on and life is good. 
I am hoping for a much more productive week this week and an all-over feeling of accomplishment.  It will be tougher with one less day, but we shall see how it goes!  Happy holiday Monday!

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