Last Day Blues

Well, the day has finally come. It's my last day of vacation (the weekends don't count). And I'm feeling pretty bummed about it. I didn't get all my things accomplished I wanted to, but to be honest, I was pretty lazy. It's my fault, but I lacked the motivation to get a lot done. That'll be one more thing to add to my to do list.

My lesson plans are done, I have a lot planned for the next few fun days coming up (100's day, Chinese New Year, Valentines Day), and I have a strong desire to get a lot of artsy stuff in to give me kids some fun while still learning. I need about 2 more hours in the day to make sure we get it all in! :)

I enjoyed having the week off with everyone else back at work. I was able to pick my daughter up every day and come home and be mommy, even though she is a very independent 6 year old. She came home, did her homework and had her snack before playing. I wish my kids would do that!

But for now, I will enjoy the rest of my last day at home. I have a few things to get to still, but if they don't get done, then they don't get done. I will survive and life will go on. But for the time being, I'm not going to focus on school and just enjoy being at home and being mommy. Happy Friday!

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