Is it Friday yet?

That's how I feel today. I'm tired. I'm irritated and all around cranky. It was a long day. I'm ready for Friday to be here!

I had a parent call and complain and demand their child be moved because I spend my whole day yelling at her. Um, I have better things to do than that. And, I don't have any reason to yell at her. I don't think she knows what yelling means. We have a teacher who yells a lot...I want her to go there and see what yelling really is. I have to spend a lot of one on one time with this child since she is lower than Kinder. I have to beg and plead with her to try and give me an answer and she won't. I try to help her as much as I can, but it's hard when she won't help me help her. But hey, you think someone else will do better, go for it. Won't break my heart. Well, it will, but it's out of my hands if they go to the principal. :(

Our fancy newly wired heat and AC isn't working right. Today it was 77 in the room and 75 outside. The kids were complaining it was not and all we could do was open the door. I hope they get it fixed soon!

Otherwise, my kids were really good. We spent a lot of time working on telling time to the half hour, which they aren't totally getting. I need to figure out how to get them to get it. A couple kids got it when I gave them a tip, so maybe tomorrow will be even better!

We've got a busy day tomorrow with 2 art projects! Trying to bring in the fun more. The kids owe me their progress reports from before Christmas, so anyone who doesn't return it will miss out. If the kids parents won't be responsible enough to look thru their backpacks, I am making their kids be responsible for showing them their stuff. We'll see how that goes!

Well, hubby is on his way home and we are going out to eat. Too tired to figure out dinner. Happy Thursday!

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  1. I know how you feel. I just had a student get moved out of my class on Monday to another class. The parent has been trying all year to get a "new" teacher. She thought I was too mean. LOL. ALthough I love hearing that I am actually mean I felt bad for the student b/c he now never sees any of his friends he has made all year. The parent didn't like me from the start of the year. Her child is low and a behavior issue. She wanted someone that would let him do whatever he wanted. Sorry for the long vent. Anyways, I know how you are feeling so I wanted to let you know. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. It is Friday!