Seriously sad

What a meeting! We had our first meeting of the last 3 months as a grade level without district administration being present. That was a ridiculous mess as it was. And today, when we were able to be adults and have a meeting, we still have one who can't and won't join in as a team member. It's sad. I want to be mad, but I feel sad that the teacher can not move on from something that happened 5 years ago. It's really sad to me. I understand that it's hard to get over things, but to hold on to something for 5 years that did not physically harm you, your family or have a major impact on your life; why would you do that to yourself? I have a lot that has pissed me off, and if we talk about it, I get upset, but I don't let it control my day to day functioning. But, there are 16 more days of school till vacation. The 20th can't come soon enough! We have to work on the 21st, which is the latest I have ever worked into December. Yuck! But, we won't go back til the 13th of January, so that makes it sound delightful! Happy Tuesday!

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