Enjoying the day off and a freebie!

This has been a long stretch from Labor Day until now.  We don't get any days off for Fall Break.  We go from Labor Day to Veteran's Day with just the weekends off.  It's a long haul, that's for sure!  But I made it and we have 4 days this week and then a whole week off!  It'll be glorious! 

This morning, I enjoyed being lazy (who am I kidding...still in my pj's!).  I woke up, watched GMA and got my Josh fix, then got up and came on the computer.  I typed up some math journals (they are available at TPT) and them made some for this week to use with my kids.  We will be doing Thanksgiving the whole week (I am doing this instead of my regular Language Arts program) and a little bit on turkeys for fun.  I typed up a little turkey math problem solving to share with you all!  It's 5 pages of simple math, but it would be a good indicator of who's got it and who doesn't!  Click Tom the Turkey below to go get your own copy of Turkey Time! 

I've got oodles of stuff to do today to get ready for the week.  Being in the funk that I am in, doing lesson plans and grading papers and such isn't high on my list of priorities.  The puzzle I started the other night was, but it's not done, so now I am having choose between puzzle, laundry and lesson plans.  Obviously the computer won out on this one!  :)  I am hoping this funk goes away by January and that we can get to the business of teaching and collaborating again sooner rather than later.  Otherwise I might just go crazy!  Not fun!
Laundry is calling as well as my daughter!  Happy Monday! 


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