Another week in the books

Each Sunday, I have big, grand hopes of blogging during the week.  And then Sunday rolls around again and I didn't do anything.  Oh well.  But the good news is that soccer is almost over for my daughter and I will get my 2 days a week back!  I can't wait!  We have practice once this week, a game on Saturday and then we are done!  I have enjoyed watching her play soccer, but 3 hours a week has been killing me! 

We have 9 days of school before we are off for Thanksgiving.  9 DAYS!  I am looking forward to being off 3 days next weekend, but very much looking forward to having a whole week off.  It's been a long time since Labor Day.  I did take a 1/2 day, but I had an IEP for my daughter, so it didn't count as a relaxing time off!  I am looking forward to sleeping in a bit, getting some things done for me (wow!) and getting ready to tackle the last 4 days of school.  Then we have 4 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas break.  Strange how the calendar falls this year! 

In 2 days, we will know our fate as teachers.  If Prop 30 passes here in CA, then we get our furlough days back and all will be well with the world (I don't see how it will solve all the problems, but that is their promise to us).  If it doesn't pass, then we could have like 20 furlough days next year.  20 DAYS!  Insane!  I don't like the sound of that.  My kiddos need all the days at school they can have.  Sometimes I think we need more than 180, but then come May, I am exhausted and ready for a break!  I guess come Wednesday we will know more. 

And, to end the post, it will be a photodump.  I have tons of pics on my camera and actually have it at home!  So, without further ado, here is what we have been up to for the last month or so.  Enjoy!

Weather Vanes - I took this idea from my daughter's teacher.  The kids loved it and we had fun taking them outside.  It was a breezy day, so it worked out well.  Come playdough from Dollar Tree, straws and streamers and paper plates.  Done! 

Our water cycles.  The kids had fun making them. 

Red Ribbon Week - We had the guitar player from Neon Trees come and talk to the kids.  It helps that one of our teachers goes to church with the moms of the guitar player and the lead singer.  It was neat and the kids thought it was cool to have someone famous at school. 

Here is my door decoration for the Red Ribbon Week.  It said "Look Whoo's Drug Free".  We didn't win, but it's adorable anyway.  I kept it, but I don't know where it is.  Hmmm...

We are learning about maps.  We were making our own version of globes.  I normally do this with markers and water, but my markers were all dried up (Crayola, I'm not happy!!!) so we went with plan B and water colors.  I will never use markers again! 

With seasons, we did this that I saw on Pinterest.  The Pinterest ones were cuter, but we did it. 

Measuring our pumpkin on Halloween Day.

Pumpkin seed tasting. 

Pumpkin life cycle. 

Marshmallow graphing - I thought I had got the shapes, but they were just ghosts. 

Painting the background for our scarecrows. 

Finished background. 

Finished work! 


It has been a long few months.  Things are still not great at work.  The stress is going to kill me.  But, I go to work every day, try to do my best and hope that my kids are learning.  I just did report cards today and have a lot of work to do with my kids.  12 weeks are gone and we can't get them back.  I have 24 more weeks to go to get my kids ready for the next step.  We can do it, but it's gonna be a lot of work.  I just hope the next 2 terms are less stressful than this first one.  No fun at all.  :(
Well, I need to plan for this week.  Time to start new and fresh with the new trimester!  Happy Sunday!

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