A week off is not enough!

Whew!  That was a fast week of vacation!  I enjoyed it, but I am still wanting more!  The thought of having to go back to work tomorrow is making me feel icky!  With all the stuff that has been going on, I am not excited to go back and deal with adults.  I love my kids, so that makes it OK.  But the adults?  I could do without them.  They are just making my life icky. 

We spent last weekend in Arizona.  It was a quick trip, that's for sure.  Friday after school we drove to Las Vegas for the night.  We didn't get there til late, but we still made time for drinks and some gambling.  We gave them our money, but it was still fun!  On Saturday, we got up and drove to Flagstaff, AZ.  I wanted to show my daughter where I went to school.  We went to the bookstore, bought some goodies and then walked around a bit.  I wanted to do more walking, but hubby was hungry, so we had to get him some food.  We then went to the football game.  We lost, but it was still fun to go to.  We were trying to go to the volleyball game, but the traffic was a nightmare, so we ended up going to Walmart!  On Sunday, we went to Bearizona in Williams.  That was the real reason we went to AZ.  And it was so worth it!  This place is awesome.  You get to drive through the park and see animals - sheep, bison, wolves and bears!  It was great.  I can't wait to go back. 

We then drove down thru Prescott on our way to Phoenix.  On Monday morning, we went to the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix.  It was nice and warm, which was bad since I had packed only for Flagstaff and 50 degrees max!  But we lived!  My daughter and I spent a long time in the butterfly pavilion there.  Loved it! 

We came home Monday night as hubby had to work on Tuesday and my daughter was having a feast at school.  I went and helped out in her room, which was nice.  The rest of the week has gone by at Mach 4!  On Wednesday, we went to court with hubby and then walked around downtown for a bit to see the Mission Inn all Christmased out and then we found a Festival of Trees that  had free activities for the kids!  Once we were done there, we had to come home.  Hubby had work and I went out with some friends from work.  Thursday was Thanksgiving and Friday we went shopping.  We actually went at about 10am and still go what we wanted.  We came home, took a nap and then went to Bass Pro Shop before picking up our neighbor at the airport.  So that killed the whole week and left Saturday to get a million things done.  I cleaned house like I hadn't cleaned before.  I wanted to get my Christmas stuff up, but I ran out of time.  Today is getting school stuff done, then getting Christmas up and then having Thanksgiving Part 2 with my hubby's parents.  Yikes! 

With that thought, I should be getting stuff done!  Happy Sunday! 

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  1. Sounds like a fun time. I need to check out Bearizona some time. I just found your blog through the Liebster Award and started following you.