What we've been up to...with pictures!

It's been crazy busy here in my neck on the woods, er desert.  It's been super hot as well, so we are all a bit tired of being hot and tired!

Here is a run down of what we have been doing lately in class.

We studied mixtures in science with matter.  We mixed different things together to make our trail mix.  Yum!

Shape sorting.  

Author Study with Kevin Henkes books.  We were looking at feelings this week.  The kids think it's either happy or sad.  Trying to get them to think a little bigger.  

Cause and Effect - if nothing else, this helped me understand how to teach it better.  

We celebrated Patriot Day.

We made patterns with our cereal.  This was the whole lesson.  It went for an hour and the kids loved it!

Painting!  Something new early in the year.  We need to work on this skill! 

Tie dye!  We will be doing tie dye Tuesdays again this year!  

Patterns - making apple patterns.  A good way to kill 45 minutes!  

Ending our unit on matter (thank goodness!).  We made Fizzy Purple Cows.  The kids loved it!  Ice cream when it's 105* outside is never a bad idea!  

We will be starting our 6th week tomorrow.  It's going by too fast.  But, I see some good growth with my kids, so that's nice.  I just wish they had started "growing" on week 2, not 5.  But at least they are moving along.  We are struggling with writing, but again, we are learning a little more each day.  Time for the teacher to figure it out!  

I have made some new units for TpT for math, but they aren't uploading well today.  I will try again tomorrow!  Until then, I need to get some lesson planning done, laundry done (what a shock!) and some rest in.  I could easily fall asleep right now, but fighting the urge, as I don't sleep well at night if I nap during the day!  :(

Happy Sunday!


  1. Looks like you've had lots of fun! I love your flags and cause and effect poster. I can't wait to start some science with my class this week. We'll do matter later, but what are fizzy purple cows? How do you make them? I'd love it if you'd share the recipe.
    Also, have you heard of the Southern California blogger meet-up later this month in Orange County? I posted about it if you're interested.
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